Q&A Water Quality COD Rapid Tester

- Jul 21, 2020-

cooperation What are the advantages of COD rapid tester?


The advantages of cod rapid tester are as follows:


The standard method of cod rapid tester is reflux digestion titration. This method has the advantages of long digestion time (2 hours), high energy consumption, high reagent cost, low efficiency, etc., which often troubles actual operators. Cod rapid tester can use open tube heating digestion method or sealed digestion method. The cod rapid tester uses special catalysts and oxidants, with small reagent consumption, low secondary pollution, and easy disposal of waste liquid. After adding special oxidants and catalysts, the water sample can be digested within 10 minutes, which saves time and effort, as well as electricity and brings more benefits.


There are two methods for the determination of chemical oxygen demand, the manganese method and the chromium method. The degree of oxidation varies depending on the oxidant used. For the same water sample, the results of the two methods will be different. The difference between these two methods is that the manganese method is used to measure the water quality of lakes and reservoirs, and the chromium method is used to measure the water quality of rivers. The chromium method is mainly used to determine contaminated water with COD greater than 10. The manganese method is mostly used for the evaluation of clean water, natural water, and drinking water. Compared with the chromium method, there are about a dozen or even a few water bodies.

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The COD tester is sufficient to meet the routine measurement requirements of the laboratory. The principle used by the cod tester is that the glass burr return pipe replaces the spherical return pipe, and the air cooling technology replaces the tap water cooling method, which can save water and standardize the instrument. Improve the safety of using the cod meter.


The COD analyzer is additionally equipped with an air pressure sampling device and an automatic zero calibration burette, which simplifies the later titration operation procedures and improves the reliability of the method.


The COD meter uses the eighth generation product developed by the latest electronic and mechanical technology. The cold light source display technology is applied, the life of the light source lamp is as long as 100,000 hours, and the switching of the measurement parameter light path is changed from manual to automatic switching, eliminating the error factor of artificial rotation. Quickly and accurately measure the chemical oxygen demand of sewage in the laboratory and in the field.


COD tester is the necessary experimental equipment for environmental monitoring stations, environmental engineering and technical personnel, and enterprise laboratories.

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The core of the COD tester is a microcomputer chip, the operation is controlled by the keyboard, the LCD display with backlight displays the measurement results, and a micro printer can print the measurement results with time each time. The measurement conditions of 255 different water samples can be stored for recall.


The COD tester is a portable structure, suitable for 100v, 110v, 220v, 240v power supply, and can also be powered by car power.


The cod tester is a photometric COD rapid tester specially developed according to the water quality, usage habits and legal requirements of Chinese users. It meets the daily measurement requirements of the laboratory and supports on-site measurement. The COD analyzer meets the requirements of the environmental protection system rapid digestion spectrophotometric COD determination specification. Shuanghui Jingcheng cod analyzer has a built-in standard COD test curve and supports user-built curves.


COD Instrument Selection Guide To determine the COD in water quality, it is very important to choose the instrument. The choice of instrument model is mainly considered from the following aspects;

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1. Select the model according to the environmental conditions of the measurement: If you often need to go to the field for on-site testing, it is recommended to use a portable COD tachometer. If you only operate indoors, choose smart COD instruments.


2. Select the model according to the sample concentration: ensure that the sample concentration range is included in the measurement range of the purchased instrument.


3. Select the model according to the measurement items: if you only measure one component, you can choose a single-parameter tester; if you need to measure multiple parameters, you'd better choose a multi-parameter tachometer.


4. Choose the model according to the personnel configuration: choose the instrument according to the quality of the experimenter. If the experimenter has a higher professional level, the choice is relatively wide. If the professional level of the experimenter is low, choose an instrument with simple operation.


5. Select the instrument according to the error requirements of the measurement results and the error requirements of the sample measurement results. Do not blindly pursue high precision and cause unnecessary waste.


6. Regarding the choice of instrument brand, the author advocates that we should focus on choosing products with a higher market share in the local or nearby regions, so that after-sales service is relatively guaranteed. At the same time, you can view the manufacturer's production license, business license, measuring instrument certificate, contact number, product sales (including after-sales service, maintenance and maintenance of vulnerable parts supply) commitment, original product introduction materials and technical performance, user directory and contact information. If it is marketed by a distributor, in addition to the above materials, the distributor must also provide the necessary qualification certificates and the manufacturer’s sales authorization for the product, and understand the supplier’s reputation and company image.


7. After-sales service: Generally speaking, manufacturers have better service quality than merchants in terms of service, but it also depends on the public service of each manufacturer to the society. Commitment content, special consideration is given to the maintenance of the instrument outside the warranty period and the supply information of spare parts and consumables.


8. The last thing is to buy products with reasonable prices. Attention should be paid to collecting relevant technical data of many brands of instruments of this type and this grade, and understanding the quotations and actual prices, the qualifications, reputation, market share, and after-sales service of marketing agencies and manufacturers.

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