Six Matters Needing Attention In Aquaculture In The Hot Summer Season

- Aug 06, 2020-

1. Scientific feeding. In summer, the water temperature is high, fish eat prosperously, and the feed feeding adheres to the principle of “four fixes and four observations”, and can be flexibly controlled according to the actual conditions such as weather and water quality. Generally, it is better to finish eating within one hour. You can regularly add VC, immune polysaccharides and other health products to protect liver and intestinal health, promote nutrient digestion and absorption, and reduce feed ratio.


2. Increase oxygen in time. The feeding amount is large, the fish excrement is large, and the water is easily polluted. It is necessary to adhere to the rational and timely use of aerators to regulate water quality, promote water convection, increase dissolved oxygen in pool water, and emit toxic gases. It opens at noon on a sunny day, in the evening on a cloudy day, or at midnight on a rainy day. The start-up time can be appropriately extended when the weather is hot. Reduce the start-up time when the weather is cool.


3. Water quality control. In the hot season, the transpiration effect is obviously enhanced, and the water quality is more likely to deteriorate. You can add new water appropriately. The amount of water injection should be controlled at 20-30cm. The water injection time can also be controlled according to the environment. When adding water, pay attention to the external source water quality. During the day. Quicklime and photosynthetic bacteria are commonly used drugs to improve water quality. Irregularly applying quicklime to the pond to adjust the water quality can not only improve the pH of the pond water, control the propagation of bacteria, but also prevent the occurrence of fish diseases.

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4. Disease control. Sustained high temperature will weaken the quality of aquatic animals and worsen the water quality, which can easily induce fish diseases. Fish disease prevention and control should adhere to the principle of "prevention first, combined with prevention and control", and regular disinfection, once a disease occurs, strive for accurate diagnosis and timely and accurate medication. The medication time is generally 9:00 am on a sunny day. Avoid high-temperature medication at noon. After medication, the aerator should be turned on to stir the water to break the thermal layer to avoid excessive local drug concentration in the water.


5. Fishing in time. The high temperature season of each year is the low season for the supply of aquatic products. The prices of various aquatic products are relatively high. Each farmer should seize the opportunity according to their own breeding situation and catch the market in time. You must stop eating for one day before catching, and make various preparations. Choose to take off the net in the morning. During transportation, you can add ice to cool down appropriately, hurry up and reduce deaths.


6. Insist on patrolling the pond. The summer climate is changeable, and daily inspections should be adhered to. At the same time, daily aquaculture production, eating conditions, disease prevention, etc. must be kept in a good account to summarize experience and lessons. In addition, in the process of patrolling the pond, the time for outdoor activities in the afternoon should be reduced, heatstroke prevention and cooling work should be done, and personal safety should be paid attention to.