The Use Method And Standard Of Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant

- Jul 31, 2020-

Chlorine dioxide disinfectant:

A preparation (commercial state) produced with sodium chlorite or sodium chlorate as the main raw material can produce free chlorine dioxide (applied state) as the main effective sterilization component through physical and chemical reaction operations. The chlorine dioxide content is expressed in mg/L or %

Chlorine dioxide disinfectant

Application range:

It can be used for the disinfection of the environment and the surface of objects, the disinfection of food processing equipment, tableware, vegetables and fruits, etc.; the disinfection of drinking water (including secondary water supply), swimming pool water, hospital sewage, and urban reclaimed water; non-metallic medical equipment And other disinfection.



It is used for disinfection of water, food and drinking utensils, general surface of objects and medical equipment.


Detection method: chlorine dioxide test paper

1. Take out a test strip and quickly close the lid (do not touch the reaction area with your hands)

2. Partially immerse the reaction zone in the tested liquid for 2 seconds,

3. Compare with the color chart after 30 seconds,


Note: The test should shorten the operation time as much as possible to prevent the volatilization and decomposition of chlorine dioxide from affecting the accuracy of the test.


Transportation and storage:

The product should be loaded and unloaded with care during transportation. It should not be placed upside down, prevent heavy pressure, violent collision and packaging damage, avoid sunlight, rain, and moisture. It should not be mixed and transported with items that affect product quality. Storage The product should be stored in a dark, cool, dry, and ventilated place. Do not contact or store together with acids, organics, flammables and other strong reducing agents.



(1.) Disinfectant for external use, do not take it orally; keep it out of reach of children.

(2.) It should not be mixed with other disinfectants, alkalis or organic substances.

(3.) This product has a bleaching effect.

(4.) This product is corrosive to metals.

(5.) Wear gloves when using it, and avoid high-concentration disinfectant contacting the skin and inhaling the respiratory tract; if the disinfectant accidentally touches the eyes, rinse with water immediately, and seek medical advice in severe cases.

(6.) Pay attention to safety issues during storage and transportation.

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