The Use Of PH Electrode

- Apr 20, 2018-

At first, people's awareness of acid and alkali is the taste of imported foods. For example, vinegar is sour, lemon is also acidic, and the basic taste of Sese is alkaline. This is the initial origin of pH or pH, simple and intuitive.

The molar value of hydrogen ion in the aqueous solution is expressed in terms of molar value. The concentration is from 100 (1) to 10-14, and then the negative logarithm of 10, the pH range is 0-14. The pH is the abbreviation for Latin pondus hydrogenii, pondus = pressure, hydrogenii = hydrogen. Therefore, it is important to understand that a more accurate pH definition should be the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity in the aqueous solution. You can therefore understand the first: Relatively speaking, liquids are easier to achieve accurate pH measurements, and secondly: Accurate pH measurements are easier to achieve in aqueous solution environments.

Moreover, most of the pH measurements in daily work and production are around liquids. For example, humans consume more foods and drugs, and even if the final product is not liquid, the source environment is also liquid. For example, humans have many liquid foods: white spirits, beer, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, coffee, and tea. The pH value affects the flavor of foods. And quality, pH is an important indicator in drug production. pH detection is not simple. Industrial pharmaceuticals produce much more liquid substances than solid substances (therefore it is not difficult to understand the importance of industrial water). Common industrial waters include cooling water, cleaning water, heating water, steam and solvents. In addition to water, it also includes sewage that requires further environmental protection. Then, in the industrial production, the material undergoes various changes, and a considerable part of the reaction is accompanied by changes in the hydrogen ion concentration. Therefore, it is particularly important to measure the concentration of hydrogen ions in the aqueous solution, that is, the pH value.

Accurate pH measurement can help achieve:

1. Produce the product we expect to want

2, as far as possible the lowest cost production

3, prevent material damage, casualties and environmental pollution

4, to meet regulatory requirements

5. The smooth development of research and development

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