Turbidity Use

- Feb 16, 2018-

Turbidity use

1. Carefully check the turbidity standard board, if dust, stains available cotton wool plus ethanol, ether, half a mixture of wipe clean, the cuvette can be cleaned with detergent or detergent, and then washed with water, the two transparent surface to dry . Preheat the instrument for 10 minutes.

2. Set the range selector to "100" and insert the turbidity standard plate (with the numbered side facing left) right behind the sample holder.

3. Adjust the "zero" knob, the display reads "0" (air zero), the rod pulled out, turbidity standard accuracy of the board into the light path, adjust (calibration ) Knob to make the display reading the turbidity standard board factory calibration value - NTU. After that, the "calibration" knob can not be arbitrarily changed and the standard board is removed.

4. Range "1"; "10" with 30mm cuvette. Range "100" with 5mm cuvette. 5mm cuvette inserted right close.

5. Into the cuvette into the no turbidity water (about 3/4 height), placed in front of the sample tank, the measured liquid into the rear of the sample tank (the size of the cell close to the right), push rod , The regulator section "zero" button to display the number of 0. Pull out the rod, the sample into the optical path, the display value is measured fluid turbidity value NTU.

6. Measurement "range" selection key For conversion, in addition to the use of different cuvettes, no turbidity water zero adjustment steps to be repeated.

7. The instrument standard board has been calibrated with standard solution before leaving the factory. If users need to re-calibrate, re-measure the calibration value by reversely carrying out the above steps with 10FTU standard solution and zero turbidity water.

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