What Are The Characteristics Of The Water Tester?

- Jun 25, 2019-

With reference to the latest national standard detection method, the integration of photometric method, electrode method (independent detection) and titration method (automatic calculation) is realized by the latest software and hardware technology;

The colorimetric system, digestion system and protective cover are integrated, and the built-in 9-hole digestion system has a heat-insulating layer on the upper end of the digestion hole to effectively ensure the digestion temperature. The instrument has an internal air-cooling device to improve the heat dissipation speed and ensure the detection accuracy. The digestion system adopts the micro-reflow rapid digestion method, and the closed digestion prevents the organic matter from volatilizing and the sample escapes. The integrated transparent shield can ensure the safety of the digestion process and facilitate the real-time monitoring of the digestion process;

It adopts cold light source with a service life of up to 100,000 hours, no need for heat dissipation system, excellent stability; independent multi-channel optical path system, each channel is independently controlled, does not interfere with each other, effectively eliminates mechanical errors and improves detection accuracy; solid state detection system, no Dynamic parts, strong anti-vibration and moisture resistance; the sample chamber is a square colorimetric pool, avoiding the error caused by the uneven wall of the circular colorimetric tube, the measurement accuracy is higher, and the cuvette is suitable for various specifications cuvettes. , to meet a variety of parameter detection needs. Built-in photometric working curve, titration calculation program, no need to configure standard solution, can directly detect water samples;

Support blank correction and standard sample multi-point correction function, can automatically fit the curve, no need to manually calculate, convenient for users to expand the test items or correct the test results system differences, the fit curve can be automatically saved and support power-down retention; large-screen Chinese menu display (7-inch TFT color touch screen), the reading mode includes absorbance value (A), transmittance value (T), concentration value (C);

The use of special detection reagent kits to detect water samples greatly shortens the reagent preparation time, the detection efficiency is higher, and the operation is simpler;

Support one-key storage, project name and reading information can save detection data in real time, each group of data corresponds to unique detection date and time, convenient for query;

It can record 50000 sets of data and can perform statistical analysis of data. It has 230 curve spaces, supports manual modification, supports automatic correction or fitting, and is convenient for users to expand inspection items.

Support one-button printing, built-in printer, can print detection data in real time, and can also query and print historical data;

With data interface, randomized professional online software, can input sample name, test items, testing institutions and other information, support export TXT or EXCEL format data report, report printing can be realized through external printing system;