What Is The ORP Electrode?

- Apr 26, 2018-

Name: ORP Electrode

Electrodes that react by electrophoresis across the metal and solution phase interfaces. For example, a platinum wire is immersed in an electrode made of an aqueous solution containing Fe and Fe. The electrode reaction takes place between the two materials in the same solution (Fe→Fe+e) and the metal only acts as a donor or acceptor and does not directly participate in the reaction. The electrode potential is related to the concentration of the two ions.

The active material of this type of electrode is the two different valence ions of a substance in the electrode solution. The redox electrode must use inert conductors such as Pt, C, etc. In the redox reaction, some reactions that simply transfer electrons, such as the electrode reaction of the electrode Fe3+, Fe2+Pt, are. Similar to the redox system consisting of cytochrome C-Fe2+ and cytochrome C-Fe3+ in the living body, they are pure electron transfer reactions. Some redox electrodes also serve as redox reactions for transfer of electrons and protons, such as an antimony hydroquinone electrode. This is similar to the redox system consisting of the coenzyme ubiquinone in the body and the dehydroascorbic acid and ascorbic acid. 

Mankind relies on the energy provided by the combustion of coal and oil to produce energy. Organisms provide valuable energy for life activities through the digestion and absorption of nutrients. All of these are related to the redox reaction, an important class of reactions we know well. The electrode potential can be generated by oxidation and reduction. Many bioelectrical phenomena such as brain electricity, electrocardiogram, and myoelectricity are related to the theory of electrode potential. Electrode potential theory is an indispensable knowledge base for understanding energy transmission, metabolic pathways, and life phenomena in the body. In addition, electrochemical analysis based on redox has become an important part of modern medical detection methods.

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