Why Conductance Electrodes Need To Be Maintained With Distilled Water?

- Aug 27, 2018-

Conductive electrodes should be immersed in distilled water before and after use, and should be maintained in distilled water to prevent the inertia of platinum black on the electrode to ensure measurement accuracy.

The sensitive material used in conductive electrodes is usually platinum, platinum black is plated on the platinum surface with a black fluffy metal platinum, the purpose is to reduce the polarization effect. The porous platinum black increases the surface area of the electrode, decreases the current density, decreases the polarization effect and reduces the capacitive interference. Platinum black electrodes, which are not plated with platinum black or poorly plated, produce very large measurement errors.

When the electrode is not in use, it should be immersed in distilled water to maintain, so as not to be difficult to wash away the impurities adsorbed by platinum black after drying, and to avoid the dry electrode immersed in the solution, the surface is not easy to completely infiltrate, causing small bubbles, so that the surface area changes, affecting the determination results.

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