multiparameter-portable-colorimeter23290011898.jpg1.Portable Colorimeter 

Application:  Widely used in the fields of waterworks,drinking water plant ,sewage plant,river and lake water quality monitoring station,laboratory research ,water treatment project ,agriculuture ,pharmacy ,chemical industry ,metallurgy,smithing,textile dipdye,etc.

cod-digester33368275336.jpg2.COD reactor 

Application: Widely used in the fields of electroplating,sewage plant,coal carbonization,paper making,petrochemical,pelage,process hides,pharmacy,food processing,etc.

cod-measurement-instrument00201427714.jpg3.COD analyzer

Application: It is suitable for test chemical oxygen demand(COD) of surface water,underground water,drinking water,domestic sewage and industrial waste water.

turbidity-measurement-device13526098352.jpg4.Turbidity meter

Application: Widely used in power station company, environmental protection institute, water plant, water treatment factory, beverage company, drinks industry etc. 

2.jpg5.Portable DO Meter

Application: Portable DO meter can test the dissolved oxygen in water,which is used in many fields like aquaculture,water treatment,environmental monitoring,river regulation and so on.

ph-machine30090645597.jpg6.Bench top pH Meter

Application:Widely used in the electrochemical analysis of light industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, food, epidemic prevention, environmental protection, education and scientific research department.

water-ph-meter43271277435.jpg7.Portable pH Meter

Application: Suitable for colleges and universities, research institutes, environmental monitoring, industrial and mining enterprises and other departments of laboratory determination of sampling water u solution pH value.

digital-ph-tester11403726046.jpg8.Pen type pH meter

Application:Used by millions of people around the world to monitor pH in laboratories and industrial applications as well as in agriculture, fish farming, food manufacturing and quality control, swimming pools and the printing industry.

conductivity-tester25146427137.jpg9.Bench top conductivity meter

Application:.Commonly used in hydroponics, aquaculture and freshwater systems to monitor the amount of nutrients, salts or impurities in the water.

portable-ec-meter40279528530.jpg10.Portable Conductivity Meter

Application:Widely used in chemical fertilizer,metallurgy,water treatment,pharmacy,biochemistry,foodstuff,culture and waterworks and so on.

total-dissolved-solids-meter04321644732.jpg11.Pen type TDS Meter

Application:TDS meter is a easy tool for testing the level of water quality, popular in water deal industry, household, travlling, and etc.Used in drinking water, water filters, hydroponics, aquariums, food & coffee, pools & spas.

ORP-286包装1.jpg12.Pen type ORP meter

Application:Widely used in swage treatmet,chemical industry,textile printing .paper making ,pharmacy,electroplating and other environmental protection fields.

refractometer-measures20293176120.jpg13.Digital refractometer

Application: Test the liquid sugar content of food and beverage to promote green life.Test mature period of fruits and crops.Calculate other physical indexes of liquid by testing teh refracture index.

alcohol-refractometer34045494351.jpg14.hand held refractometer

Application: Brix series are used to test canned food,juice,wine fermentation,beverage,fruit,honey etc;Salinity series are used to test seaculture,aquaria,physiological saline etc;Medical series are used to test protein,urine specific gravity;Industrial series are used in car battery liquid,refrigerating fluid,washing liquid,machine tool lubricating liquid,cutting fluid.

glutaraldehyde-test-strips27397417022.jpg15.water test strips 

Application:Widely used in sewage treatment,agricultural water,industrial wastewater,laboratory research and enviromental protection and other fields.

water-analysis-kit21295662355.jpg16.water test kit 

Application: Widely used in food,beverage,scientific,agricultural,environmental,monitor and all other related areas.

total-iron-test-tube43588401724.jpg17.color comparison tube

Application: It is used in the field of electroplating wastewater,textile printing wasterwater,laboratory detection,aquiculture and so on.