New Brix Refractometer

Feature 1. High-definition color LCD screen; 2. Shading cover design, not afraid of strong light, better repeatability stability; 3. Built-in rechargeable battery to avoid frequent replacement; 4. Magnetic charging method, high-end atmosphere; 5, compatible with touch screen, buttons, dual detection function; 6, higher waterproof level, not afraid of water, easy to clean;
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new brix refractometerdigital refractormeter


LH-T55 digital refractometer is a high-precision optical instrument designed with the principle that different liquids have different refractive indices. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient carrying, easy operation, fast detection, and accurate results. A must-have for work. Quickly detect sugar content in fruits, vegetables, freshly squeezed juices, beverages, food processing industries and honey.

new brix refractometer


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new brix refractometer

About Brix

The brix meter is used to quickly determine the concentration or refractive index of sugar-containing solutions and other non-sugar solutions. Widely used in sugar, food, beverage and other industrial sectors and agricultural production and scientific research. Applicable to the concentration measurement of various sauces (seasonings) products such as soy sauce, tomato sauce, etc., suitable for measuring the sugar content of products with more sugar content such as jam, sugar, liquid sugar, etc., suitable for the production line of fruit juice, refreshing drinks and carbonic acid drinks , Quality management, pre-shipment inspection, etc., suitable for the process from fruit planting to sales, it can be used to determine the accurate harvesting time, for sweetness classification. In addition, the determination of pulp concentration in the textile industry has also gained widespread application.

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