Brix Refractometer

Refractometer produces different refractive indexes in the liquid with different concentration,this is the design principle of the product. Refractometer is an test instrument to test liquid by using light ray.
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Brix Refractometer Introduction

1.Feature & Use

Brix Refractometer is a precision optical instrument, featuring in simple use, accurate measurement, light weight, small volume and etc. By using this instrument, it can measure percent concentration of sugar degree in liquid accurately. It is used for foodstuff and agricultural scientific reasearch.


Brix Refractometer

2.Main technical data

Product name: Brix refractometer 0-20

Model: LH-T20

Measuring range: 0~20%(Sugar degree)

Division value: 0.1

Demension and weight:40*40*200mm



Measuring   range

Division   value
























Brix Refractometer

3. Part of the instrument

(1)Division prism

(2)Cover board

(3)Benchmark calibration screw

(4)Rubber sleeve

(5)Pancreatic eyepiece(definition)


Brix Refractometer

4. Using method

(1)Let the deviation prism point to the light, adjust the visual ring till the gage mark becomes clear.

(2)Adjustment benchmark: Before using, pls keep the standard liquor (purified water), instrument and liquid under measurement at the same temperature.Open the cover plate and apply 1~2 drops of standard liquor onto the diviation prism, and then use hand to press the cover plate lightly to get a dividing line. Turn the calibration screw to coincide the dividing line with the benchmark (0%). The one for honey will be an exception.

Note: The instrument brix refractometer has been calibrated before delivering, you are allowed to use it directly.

(3)Open the cover plate and use the soft rag to clear the surface of prism: apply 1~2 drops of liquid under measurement onto the deviation prism and close the cover plate to press lightly; afterwards read the relevant scale for dividing line; the reading will be the concentration value and destiny value of the liquid under measurement.

(4)After measuring, use the wet rag to clean the prism and cover plate; when it becomes dry, please store the prism safely.


Brix Refractometer

5.Precautions & Maintance

(1)After using, please do not use the tap water to clean directly; Otherwise the water may go into the pipe of optical systerm.

(2)When using or maintaining, please handle with care and keep the surface of optical parts away from scratch or demage.

(3)The instrument can only be stored in the environment where is dry, free of dirt and corroisive gas; otherwise the optical part will get moundly.

(4)The prism that will be contacted with the object under measurement is an easily –consumed product, which can not be recovered.

(5)Users are required to follow the methods said above; If the instruments is demaged since misconduct or operation in error, we shall not bear the warranty responsibility.

Brix Refractometer

6.The instrument will be packaged into the special box, with the accessories (i.e.:Using Instruction For Use; Screwdriver, Suction pipe and lint)



1.What is the shipping port?

FOB to Ningbo or Shanghai Port,China(also can ship according to customers’ request.

2.Is that possible to make our logo on the product?

Yes, just send us your logo design with AI, PSD or CDR format file.

3. Do you have in stock ?

Yes, we usually hold some quantities in stock, such as 100pcs or 200pcs are ready to ship immediately.

4.What is your MOQ?

1 piece.

5.Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

We are factory.


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