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hand held refractometer Introduction:

hand held refractormeter

The series is developed for working with sugar related liquids (fruit juices, soft drinks, wine), help monitor and control sugar concentrations in foods and beverages. Whether users are checking the "ripeness" of fruit in the field, verifying product quality after harvesting, or controlling concentrations during processing and packaging, refractometers provide critical information to ensure product quality. But,it is also commonly used for controlling the concentration of various industrial fluids cutting lubricants and flux rinsing compounds). Full ranges of measurement is available.


hand held refractometer 




Measuring range


Division value


Dimension and weight

27*40*160mm (180g)


hand held refractometer Part of the instrument:

Division prism

Cover board

Benchmark calibration screw

Rubber sleeve

Pancreatic eyepiece(definition)

hand held refractometer 

What is a Refractometer?

A refractometer is a simple instrument used for measuring concentrations of aqueous solutions. It requires only a few drops of liquid, and is used throughout the food, agricultural, chemical, and manufacturing industries.

hand held refractometer 

How a Refractometer Works

When light enters a liquid it changes direction; this is called refraction. Refractometers measure the degree to which the light changes direction, called the angle of refraction. A refractometer takes the refraction angles and correlates them to refractive index (nD) values that have been established. Using these values, you can determine the concentrations of solutions. For example, solutions have different refractive indexes depending on their concentration in water.

The prism in the refractometer has a greater refractive index than the solution. Measurements are read at the point where the prism and solution meet. With a low concentration solution, the refractive index of the prism is much greater than that of the sample, creating a large refraction angle and a low reading ("A" on diagram). The reverse would happen with a high concentration solution ("B" on diagram).

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