Hand Hold Brix Refractometer

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hand hold brix refractometer

hand hold brix refractometer

hand hold brix refractometer

Brix Refractometer is a precision optical instrument, featuring in simple use, accurate measurement, light weight, small volume and etc. By using this instrument, it can measure percent concentration of sugar degree in liquid accurately. It is used for foodstuff and agricultural scientific reasearch.

hand hold brix refractometer


Brix sugar Refractometer is developed for working with sugar related liquids such as fruit juice, softdrinks, wine, and honey to help monitor and control sugar concentrations in foods and beverages.

Sugar refractometer is also useful in checking the “ripeness”of fruit in the field and verifying product quality after harvesting and/or controlling concentrations during processing and packaging.

Sugar Refractometer provide critical information to ensure product quality.It is commonly used for controlling the concentration of various industrial fluids like cutting lubricants and flux rinsing compounds.

hand hold brix refractometer



Measuring range


Division value


Dimension and weight

27*40*160mm (180g)

hand hold brix refractometer


1.How long can we receive the response after sending inquiry?

We are online anytime, you can contact us to know within 24 hours.

2.What delivery / shipping way do you use?

For samples or trial small order, we can send them to you by Air Express, such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT or EMS;

For large amount goods, we can book the ship to your sea-port by sea-shipping;

3.How long is the warranty time?

12 Months

4.Are you manufacturer or trading company?

Our company are professional producer for water quality test meter.

5.What if there are problems for the produts?

Usually we check again before shipment, if there are broken items, we will replace for you soon.

hand hold brix refractometer

About Brix

The brix meter is used to quickly determine the concentration or refractive index of sugar-containing solutions and other non-sugar solutions. Widely used in sugar, food, beverage and other industrial sectors and agricultural production and scientific research. Applicable to the concentration measurement of various sauces (seasonings) products such as soy sauce, tomato sauce, etc., suitable for measuring the sugar content of products with more sugar content such as jam, sugar, liquid sugar, etc., suitable for the production line of fruit juice, refreshing drinks and carbonic acid drinks , Quality management, pre-shipment inspection, etc., suitable for the process from fruit planting to sales, it can be used to determine the accurate harvesting time, for sweetness classification. In addition, the determination of pulp concentration in the textile industry has also gained widespread application.

hand hold brix refractometer

The prism in the refractometer has a greater refractive index than the solution. Measurements are read at the point where the prism and solution meet. With a low concentration solution, the refractive index of the prism is much greater than that of the sample, creating a large refraction angle and a low reading ("A" on diagram). The reverse would happen with a high concentration solution ("B" on diagram).

hand hold brix refractometer

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