Salinity Meter

Salinity Meter

Digital salinity meter is a new product launched by Hangzhou Lohand Biological Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019.The instrument fast determine the weight percentage concentration of salt (sodium chloride) solutions. It is widely used in industrial sectors such as salt making, food, drink,agricultural production and scientific research.
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Product Details

Salinity Meter

Salinity Meter


Test Principle

Conductivity measurement method

Test method

Automatic test(complete in 5 seconds)

Test Temperature Range



0.01%-1.99% ±0.1%   2.00%-3.00% ±0.2%


Test Environment


The maximum temperature of the measured object is 99℃

Temperature Compensation

Automatic compensation



Test Completion Reminder

Display data stops flashing

Battery Replacement Reminder

Battery low voltage symbol flashes

Power Supply

2032 button battery

Salinity Meter 

Measuring range:0.1%-3.0%

Low power consumption:Shut down automatically within 2 minutes


Temperature compensation range:0~60℃

Battery specification:3V(Model:2032)

Working current:2.5mA

Button capacity:210mAh

Error range:0.01%-1.99% ±0.1%   2.00%-3.00% ±0.2%




Salinity Meter

How to use

1.Press the power button to turn on the meter and the short-line icon

2.Immerse the test object, the short- line icon stops flashing, and the test result is displayed.

3.The meter can test continuously for several times, to ensure the accuracy, it’s better to clean the meter before test.

4.After the test, please clean the meter with neutral detergent and clean water, wipe the moisture with soft cloth wet cloth,and put on the protective cove.

5.When testing, the head of the meter can not in contact with the container.

6.If the measurement is out of range, the instrument displays “HHHH”.

7.The instrument will automatic shut down without operation for 1 minute.

8.When testing pure water, the interface flash and no data display. 

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