Digital Salinity Meter

Feature: High precision detection Automatic temperature compensation Reading in seconds Water proof design Low power chip Electrode Temperature sensor
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digital salinity meter

digital salinity meter

Digital salinity meter is a new product launched by Hangzhou Lohand Biological Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019.The instrument fast determine the weight percentage concentration of salt (sodium chloride) solutions. It is widely used in industrial sectors such as salt making, food, drink,agricultural production and scientific research.

digital salinity meter

Measuring range:0.1%-3.0%

Low power consumption:Shut down automatically within 2 minutes


Temperature compensation range:0~60℃

Battery specification:3V(Model:2032)

Working current:2.5mA

Button capacity:210mAh

Error range:0.01%-1.99% ±0.1%   2.00%-3.00% ±0.2%



digital salinity meter 

Salinity meter

For rapid determination of salt (sodium chloride) solution weight percent concentration or refractive index. It is widely used in industrial sectors such as salt making, food, and beverage, as well as in agricultural production and scientific research.

Because light enters another medium when it enters another medium, the phenomenon of refraction occurs, and the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence is constant. This ratio is called the refractive index. By using the content of soluble matter in the salt solution and the refractive index to be directly proportional to the ordinary environment, the refractive index of the salt solution can be measured, so that the salinity meter / refractometer can calculate the salt concentration. Note: Salinity meter is a subdivision type of refractometer (refractometer)

Due to the simple operation, users can quickly read the salt concentration or seawater specific gravity. It can be used to manage the concentration of seawater used in oceans, fishing grounds, and farms, seawater or artificial seawater used in aquariums, and saltwater used to store fish.

digital salinity meter 

What is salt content?

The salinity (also called salinity) of water is the amount of salt in the water. Because various salts in water generally exist in the form of ions. Therefore, the salt content can also be expressed as the sum of the amounts of various cations and anions in water. The salt content of water is different from the meaning of dissolved solids. Because dissolved solids include not only dissolved salts in water. It also includes organic substances. At the same time, the salt content of water is different from the meaning of total solids. Because total solids include not only dissolved solids. Also includes suspended solids that are insoluble in water, so. Dissolved solids Total solids are higher in quantity than salt. However, under less stringent circumstances, when the water is relatively clean, the organic matter content in the water is relatively small, and sometimes the content of dissolved solids is also used to approximate the salt content of water. When the water is particularly clean, the suspended solid content is relatively small (such as groundwater), so sometimes the total solid content can also be used to approximate the salt content of water.

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