Aquarium Digital PH Meter

PH-025 is so popular in aquarium, swimming pool and water treatment fields because of its low price, high quality waterproof electrode and mini shape.
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Aquarium digital PH meter PH-025


• DC 6V with an adapter type or 4* 1.5V (AG13) type

• Can be used online

• Long line waterproof electrode

• Easy 1 or 2 point manual calibration

• 500 hour battery life

• Simple to use

• Economical

1. Introduction

PH-025 is so popular in aquarium, swimming pool and water treatment fields because of its low price, high quality waterproof electrode and mini shape.

Calibration is performed manually at 1 or 2 point with a trimmer located on the side of the tester.

You can chose adapter type or battery type, with a battery life of 500 hours of continuous use, PH-025 will provide weeks of last testing online before the batteries need to be replaced.

2. Technical data







pH calibration

Manual, at one or two points

Battery type/Life

4*1.5V, lithium battery, approximately 500 hours of continuous use


0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95%






What is pH?

A pH (potential of Hydrogen) measurement reveals if a solution is acidic or alkaline (also base or basic). If the solution has an equal amount of acidic and alkaline molecules, the pH is considered neutral. Very soft water is commonly acidic, while very hard water is commonly alkaline, though unusual circumstances can result in exceptions. The pH scale is logarithmic and runs from 0.0 to 14.0 with 7.0 being neutral. Readings less than 7.0 indicate acidic solutions, while higher readings indicate alkaline or base solutions. Some extreme substances can score lower than 0 or greater than 14, but most fall within the scale.

Does my pH electrode have to be wet?

All glass electrodes have a bulb which must be kept hydrated and a reference junction which must be kept wet to prevent excess leakage of the internal electrolyte solution from the reference junction.

What should I store my pH electrode in?

Ideally, storage solution since it has the same chemical make-up of what is in the electrode itself, but if that is not available use buffer 4 or 7 solution. NEVER STORE IN PURE (DISTILLED) WATER!!! In the case of electrodes that are continuously immersed, storage is not an issue since they are constantly wet.  

About us

Founded in 2008, Hangzhou Lohand Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Is a company that designs, develops, produces and sells water quality rapid test strips, reagents and precision testing instruments. It is located in Jianggan Science and Technology Park and relies on Zhejiang University Food Science and Technology Park and the West lake Science and Technology Park, focusing on technological innovation, has obtained a number of patents and produces provide customers with professional, fast, affordable and simple testing products and services to create a new history of water quality monitoring.

In the course of ten years of development, we have been constantly working hard in this field, and constantly improving product functions, testing accuracy, dedicating to environmental water quality monitoring and rapid monitoring of product development. The products developed and produced mainly include COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total ammonia integrated machine, miniature COD reactor, water quality monitoring electrode, digital refractometer, etc. Most of the company’s products have obtained CE certification; widely used in domestic environmental protection bureaus, industrial enterprises, university research institutes, food manufacturing enterprises; especially electrochemical testing products have been sold at domestic and foreign.

We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to achieve win-win cooperation, common development and create brilliant!

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