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Aquaculture water quality testing program
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aquiculture water test kits

aquiculture water test kits

aquiculture water test kits

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pond water test kit

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aquiculture water test kits

The pH value is a value to measure the acidity and alkalinity of water, also known as the hydrogen ion concentration index. pH is an important basis for reflecting the composition and activity of algae, the stability of water quality factors and organic pollution at the bottom of the pond, and is an important indicator of water quality. One. pH affects the carbon source and the activity of trace elements in the water body, the physiological functions of aquatic animals and the biological composition of the micro-ecology, which has always been valued by farmers.

In aquaculture, the suitable pH range for most freshwater aquatic animals is 6.5-9.0, and the most suitable pH range is 7.5-8.5 for weakly alkaline water bodies. When the pH value of the water body is below 7 it is acidic, and below 5 is strongly acidic.

Mechanism and hazards of high pH value: Algae overgrowth and reproduction, consume a large amount of carbon source (carbon dioxide) in the water, causing the water body PH value to rise rapidly (the excessive growth and reproduction of photosynthetic bacteria will also cause the PH value to rise). The PH value is relatively high. Ammonium nitrogen exists in the form of ammonia molecular nitrogen in the water body, which increases the toxicity of ammonia nitrogen. In addition, the water quality with high PH value has a corrosive effect on gill tissues.

The mechanism and harm of low pH value: The water body is anoxic and the water body has too much organic matter. Under the action of anaerobic fermentation of anaerobic bacteria, a large amount of organic acid is produced, which causes the water body pH value to be low. The pH is low, pathogenic bacteria are prone to multiply, and the toxicity of hydrogen sulfide is enhanced.

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