Bench Top Conductivity Analyzer

DDS-22C conductivity test meter electrical conductivity meter (EC meter) measures the electrical conductivity in a solution. Commonly used in hydroponics, aquaculture and freshwater systems to monitor the amount of nutrients, salts or impurities in the water.
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Bench Top Conductivity Analyzer

This instrument conductivity tester DDS-22C is mainly used for all kinds of liquid conductivity measurement. When the electrodes with constant 0.1 specifications, measuring the conductivity of pure water or high pure water. Can be widely used in light industry, chemical industry, food, medicine, health, energy, environmental protection and education and scientific research departments.

conductivity meterTechnical data

Model No.

Technical data


electrical conductivity meter


1, Corresponding electrode constant=0.1 Measuring range: (0~199.9)μs/cm, Resolution: 0.1μs/cm
2, Corresponding electrode constant=1 Measuring range: (200~1999)μs/cm; (2.00~19.99)ms/cm, Resolution: 1μs/cm; 0.01 ms/cm
3, Corresponding electrode constant=10 Measuring range: (20.0~199.9)ms/cm, Resolution: 0.1ms/cm
Accuracy: ±1.0%FS
Temperature coefficient: 2.0%/°C
Working condition: 5~35°C, RH<85%
Power: 220V±10%, 50Hz ± 1Hz,
No notable vibration
No strong magnetic field interference(except for geomagnetic field)
1 point automatic calibration

Bench top
High accuracy
Replaceable electrode
With backlit
Automatic calibration
Automatic temperature compensation


• conductivity test meter using high speed microprocessor chip, stable performance

• 1408μs/cm electric conductivity standard calibration plug, fast and convenient

• Unique 1 point calibration, suitable for various calibration solution

• Conductivity test meter can save and extract data

• Bended metal electrode rack, can be placed at right or left side

• High accurate electrode and automatic temperature compensation, test result be more precise

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