Bench Top Water Conductivity Meter

Feature:  1. Adopting the high speed microprocessor chips, stable and reliable performance; 2. 1408μs/cm conductivity standard calibration plug, convenient and efficient. 3. Special one point calibration function, suit for many calibration solution. 4. Have the function with storage and extraction data 5. Special left and right hand placed. Metal bending tube type arc-spark stand 6. High precision electrode and automatic temperature compensation, more accurate for measurement.
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Bench top water conductivity meter

Bench top water conductivity meter

Product name:  Bench top electrical conductivity meter  DDS-22C
Model: DDS-22C

Bench top water conductivity meter

Technical data

Model No.

Technical data


electrical conductivity meter


1, Corresponding electrode constant=0.1 Measuring range: (0~199.9)μs/cm, Resolution: 0.1μs/cm
2, Corresponding electrode constant=1 Measuring range: (200~1999)μs/cm; (2.00~19.99)ms/cm, Resolution: 1μs/cm; 0.01 ms/cm
3, Corresponding electrode constant=10 Measuring range: (20.0~199.9)ms/cm, Resolution: 0.1ms/cm
Accuracy: ±1.0%FS
Temperature coefficient: 2.0%/°C
Working condition: 5~35°C, RH<85%
Power: 220V±10%, 50Hz ± 1Hz,
No notable vibration
No strong magnetic field interference(except for geomagnetic field)
1 point automatic calibration

Bench top
High accuracy
Replaceable electrode
With backlit
Automatic calibration
Automatic temperature compensation

Bench top water conductivity meter


These instruments are warranted from all defects in material and manufacturing for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If during this period, the repair or the replacement of parts is required where the damage is not due to negligence or erroneous operation by user, please return the parts to either dealer or our offices, and the repair will be effected free of charge.

Bench top water conductivity meter

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