Bench Top Ph Test Meter

Feature:  Multifunctional detection, easy to use, automatical compensate error which due to temperature change during the measurent, such data could be shown on the screen: PH, MV, CF, TDS, temperature value and conductivity; rechargeable batteries, easy to carry it outdoors for measuring;low tension remind charging in time;high cost-effective,a perfect choice for lab.
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Product Details

bench top ph test meter

bench top ph test meter


The pH machine PH-2603 multi-parameter meter has been  specially designed for maximum facility of use.he handy key board for the selection of the various functions.The possibility of automatically correcting errors in measurement due to temperature.The display on the front panel reveals the PH、mV、℃、EC、CF or TDS readings taken by the insrument..pH machine has the battery charge function.You will be able to carry out field measurement .Moreover,PH-2603 features a low battery indicator that alerts the user when the battery needs recharging.

bench top ph test meter

Technical Data:

Product name

pH machine PH-2603

Measuring range

pH: 0.00~14.00

mV: 0~ ±1999mV

℃: 0~100°C  

EC: 0.00~19.99ms/cm

CF: 0.0~199.9CF

TDS: 10~19990ppm


pH: 0.01pH

mV: 1mV

℃: 0.1°C

EC: 0.01ms/cm

CF: 0.1CF

TDS: 10ppm


pH: ±0.01pH

mV: ±1mV

℃: ±0.4°C


Input impedance

102 Ω


1 or 2point

Working temperature



DC9V/200mA or Rechargeable battery

Operating conditions

5~60°C,RH≤95%(Without magnetic interference around the meter & conspicuous centrum)





bench top ph test meter


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