PH Meter Laboratory Equipment

PH meter laboratory equipment PHS-550 is an intelligent pH meter controlled by a microprocessor. PH meter laboratory equipment selects high reliable imported integrated components and is strictly screened and refined. It is stable, reliable and easy to operate. PH meter laboratory equipment is suitable for precise measurement of the acidity (pH value) and electrode potential (mV) of the solution in the laboratory. PH meter laboratory equipment is widely used in the electrochemical analysis of light industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, food, epidemic prevention, environmental protection, education and scientific research department.
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pH Meter Laboratory Equipment Introduction:

pH meter laboratory equipment PHS-550 bench top,high accuracy ,replaceable pH electrode pH with automatical calibration.PHS-550 can test pH,Temp,ORP at the same time.未标题-1

pH Meter Laboratory Equipment Technical Data:

Product name

Test item

Measuring range



Other Technical Data

PH meter laboratory equipment PHS-550





Working voltage:
9V DC adaptor
Working condition:
2 Points automatic






-1999 to +1999mV



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pH Meter Laboratory Equipment

Oxidation reduction potential(ORP) is a measure of the tendency of a chemical species to acquire electrons and thereby be reduced. Reduction potential is measured in volts (V), or millivolts (mV). Each species has its own intrinsic reduction potential; the more positive the potential, the greater the species' affinity for electrons and tendency to be reduced. ORP is a common measurement for water quality. Electrical Conductivity (EC) is defined by the ability of a solution to conduct an electrical current.

pH Meter Laboratory Equipment FAQ:

1.What is the shipping port?

FOB to Ningbo or Shanghai Port,China(also can ship according to customers’ request.

2.How about the shipping?

1) For sample order,it would sent by express company like UPS,Fedex,TNT etc.We have strong cooperation with them and if you have express collected account, you will no need pay us.

2) For bulk order,it would sent by sea.We have our cooperation forwarder and you also can use your OWN forwarder.

3.Do you provide customized gift box?

Yes, we can make the custom box with your design on it.

4.What if there are problems for the produts?

Usually we check again before shipment, if there are broken items, we will replace for you soon.

5.Could your company accept OEM/ODM?

A:Yes, all goods can be custom made as your requirements(including Logo print,packing,etc.)

pH Meter Laboratory Equipment 


Since its establishment, Hangzhou Luheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been aiming to build the first brand in China's water quality testing field, and is eager to contribute to China's environmental protection cause. We pursue the most advanced technology, the best after-sales service, and the most equal cooperation and reciprocity policy. For cooperative merchants, we will establish a reasonable price sales system to ensure profit; responsible for all product after-sales work to save your precious time; through the technical innovation of excellence, to ensure that our product quality is long-term leading products in the market. We sincerely invite interested partners from all industries to join us and create a bright future together.


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pH Meter Laboratory Equipment 

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