Desktop Cod Water Reactor

Features: Two heat blocks.Dual Block Models reactor give the operator independent control of two temperatures and durations. It can also run two programs at the same time. Up to 16 samples can be reacting at different temperature and time same time. Dual operation, touch screen and key can be operated separately, or switch operation at any time. Easy to operation, the reacting temperature within 45-180℃ can be set arbitrarily, the meter has over temperature alarm function, the reacting time within 0-120mins can be set arbitrarily,and the meter has cue words when reacting finished.
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desktop cod water reactor

desktop cod water reactor

desktop cod water reactor

Item No.


Temperature Range



±0.1°C (@ 25°C)

Environment Temperature



16 vials

Power Supply:

DC 24V/12.5A






Safety Equipment Use protective clothing when operating the reactor, including goggles or face mask, and gloves. Reagent Spills Clean up spilled reagents immediately. If reagent contacts skin, rinse the affected area thoroughly with water.  

desktop cod water reactor

COD: In environmental chemistry, the chemical oxygen demand (COD) is an indicative measure of the amount of oxygen that can be consumed by reactions in a measured solution. It is commonly expressed in mass of oxygen consumed over volume of solution which in SI units is milligrams per liter (mg/L). A COD test can be used to easily quantify the amount of organics in water. 


desktop cod water reactor

A Phosphate is a chemical derivative of phosphoric acid. The phosphate ion (PO4)3−is an inorganic chemical, the conjugate basethat can form many different salts. In organic chemistry, a phosphate, or organophosphate, is an ester of phosphoric acid. Of the various phosphoric acids and phosphates, organic phosphates are important in biochemistry and biogeochemistry (and, consequently, in ecology), and inorganic phosphates are mined to obtain phosphorus for use in agriculture and industry. At elevated temperatures in the solid state, phosphates can condense to form pyrophosphates.

desktop cod water reactor

Ammonia nitrogen means nitrogen present in the form of free ammonia(NH3)and ammonium ions(NH4)in water. The nitrogen content of animal organic compounds is generally higher than that of vegetable organic compounds. At the same time, nitrogen-containing organic matter in human and animal feces is very unstable and easily decomposed into ammonia. Therefore, when the content of ammonia nitrogen in water increases, it refers to the nitride in the form of ammonia or ammonium ions.

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