Fluorescence Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

This sensor is coated with a luminescent material. Green light from an LED is transmitted to the sensor surface. The green light excites the luminescent material. As the material relaxes it emits red light. The time it takes for the red light to be emitted is measured. Between the flashes of blue light, a red LED is flashed on the sensor and used as an internal reference. Increased oxygen in the sample decreases the time it takes for the red light to be emitted. The time measurements correlate to the oxygen concentration.
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Fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor

Fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor

Fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor

According to the green light excitation fluorescence lifetime detection technology, the green light from the light emitting diode (LED) irradiates the fluorescent substance to excite the red light. Due to the quenching effect of the oxygen molecules in the water, the fluorescence lifetime of the excited red light is inversely proportional to the dissolved oxygen concentration in the water, so the dissolved oxygen concentration in the water can be calculated by measuring the excited red light fluorescence lifetime.Has the following salient characteristics:

Green light excited fluorescence lifetime detection technology, no electrolyte, no maintenance, stable and reliable measurement

No oxygen consumption, no flow rate and agitation requirements.

Built-in temperature sensor with automatic water temperature compensation function

Support  MODBUS/RS485,4-20mA current interface output 

Fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor 

Measuring Range

0-20.00mg/L or 0-200%saturation level


±0.3mg/L or ±5%

Response Time


Temperature Sensor

DS18B20Digital temperature electrode

Working Temperature


Working Pressure

<5 bar

Digital Interface


Analog Interface


Power Supply



One or Two calibration points

IP Grade


Cable length

8 meters



Fluorescent Cap Shelf Life

One year


The main body is stainless steel 316, and the sensitive film is organic silica gel.

Fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor 


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