Laboratory Equipment Heating Thermostat

laboratory equipment heating thermostat is research and developed by LOHAND company. It suitable for outdoor water quality testing,heating the tested water to appropriate temp to improve the accuracy.
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Product Details

Laboratory Equipment Heating Thermostat Product description


1.Brief introduction

Laboratory Equipment Heating Thermostat

This instrument has below features:

1.Small size,easy to carry.

2.OLED screen,clear page.

3.Rechargeable battery,low standby power consumption.

4.Accuracy: ±2

5.Four working modes: Stop,heat,constant temperature,reaction.

6.Set the target temp and reactor time according to customer’s requirements.

The instrument is strictly produced in accordance with ISO9001 2015 quality management system.And has been passed the strict test before leaving the factory.

2.Technical parameter

Laboratory Equipment Heating Thermostat

Set temp range


Reacting time range

1-10 mins

Current temp resolution

0.1 ℃

Set temp resolution

1 ℃

Service temperature








3.Product details

Laboratory Equipment Heating Thermostat

3.1 Big LCD screen,chinese & english version


Current temperature - monitor and display the internal temperature of the heating system in real time

Set the temperature - the constant temperature to be controlled by the water sample. Adjust the range by 1℃

Reaction time - the reaction time of the reagent in the water sample after the device enters constant temperature mode. Adjust the range for 30 seconds

START-Equipment starts heating

STOP-Equipment stop heating

PLUS-Raise the temperature

MINUS-Lowering the temperature

3.2 Small size,light weight




3.3 Portable type

lab tester

portable analyzer

portable analyzer1

4.OperatOperation steps

Laboratory Equipment Heating Thermostat

1.Press the self-locking switch to start up

2.Place the constant-temperature water sample bottle into the heating hole

3.Set the setting temperature and reaction time

4.Press the “start” button for heating

5.After entering the constant temperature state, take out the water sample bottle, add the reagent, and put the bottle back into the heating hole. Press the “start”button to enter the dissolution reaction state.

6.When the reaction time reaches the set time, the instrument will give a prompt sound, at which time the water sample bottle can be taken out for water quality testing.

5.Production workflow chart

Laboratory Equipment Heating Thermostat

lab meter


This product is produced in strict accordance with ISO90012015 quality management system requirements, and has been strictly tested and calibrated before leaving the factory to meet the requirements of specifications.

6.Packing list

Laboratory Equipment Heating Thermostat


instrument ,10ml glass bottle , 5V/2A charger


Laboratory Equipment Heating Thermostat


Different countries may have differences and the price will be different too, please follow the actual delivery time and the actual price .

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