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The online Conductivity meter is an online intelligent Conductivity detector produced by our company with foreign technology. It adopts imported components and Conductivity film heads, based on the latest polarographic analysis technology, advanced production technology and surface mount technology. This series of advanced analytical techniques is used to ensure the long term stability and reliability of the instrument. It has Chinese menu operation, notebook storage measurement data, 485 communication and other functions. Can be widely used in chemical fertilizer,metallurgy, environmental water treatment engineering,pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, aquaculture and tap water and other solutions in the continuous monitoring of Conductivity values.
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Product Details

conductivity with electrodeFeature:

1. The large LCD display, English menu operation.
2.Multi-parameter display at the same time: the value of conductivity,temperature, output current, alarm points, etc. Intuitive and easy to read, and alarm for range over run.
3.Screen displays alarm status and accompanied by a switch ON / OFF signal output
4.Automatic Temperature Compensation: Automatic 0℃ to 60℃
5.Communication function (optional): RS-485 communication interface(MODBUS protocol is partially compatible), 4 to 20 mA current output corresponding to the Conductivity value can be set freely.
6.Notepad: can store 50 measurements, the user can record measurement data.
7.Hysteresis amount can be set freely to avoid frequent switching relay action
8.Watchdog function: to ensure that the instrument will not crash
9.Core devices from famous foreign brands
10.Restore the factory settings. Power-down protection> 10 years


Technical parameters:


EC test range

TDS test range

0.01 electrode

0-20.00 uS/cm-1

0-10 ppm

0.1   electrode

0-200.0 uS/cm-1

0-100 ppm

1.0   electrode

0-2000 uS/cm-1

0-1000 ppm

10.0  electrode

0-20.00 uS/cm-1

0-10000 ppm


Other parameters:

Automatic temperature compensation: 0~60°C
Control Interface: two sets of ON / OFF relay contacts, 
divided into the high point, low alarm signal, optically isolated output.
Isolated signal output: Optocoupler isolation to protect , 
4~20mA signal output
Relay: relay lag set freely,  
the relay load 10A 220VAC
Working conditions: ambient temperature of 0~60°C, 
relative humidity <= 90%
Output load: load <500Ω (0-10mA),
load <750Ω (4-20mA)
Working voltage: 220V AC, 50/60Hz


Industrial waste water,

pure water, circulating water,

food wastewater treatment, desulfurization pickling,

waste water treatment, glass carving process,

electroplating wastewater, printing and dyeing,

electronic semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc

CR300 back

About Conductivity

Conductivity:The conductivity of water is usually used to indicate the purity of water. If the conductivity is high, it means that the content of conductive minerals in water is very high, and the purity of water is very low. If the conductivity is very low, it indicates the minerals that can be ionized in water. Rarely, the purity of water is relatively high. For example, the conductivity of high-purity water is EC=0.1.0us/cm; the conductivity of ordinary drinking water is 1~10 us/c.

About us

In the course of ten years of development, we have been constantly working hard in this field, and constantly improving product functions, testing accuracy, dedicating to environmental water quality monitoring and rapid monitoring of product development. The products developed and produced mainly include COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total ammonia integrated machine, miniature COD reactor, water quality monitoring electrode, digital refractometer, etc. Most of the company’s products have obtained CE certification; widely used in domestic environmental protection bureaus, industrial enterprises, university research institutes, food manufacturing enterprises; especially electrochemical testing products have been sold at domestic and foreign.

We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to achieve win-win cooperation, common development and create brilliant!

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