Online Conductivity Monitor

This instrument is a panel instrument for on-line monitoring of industrial process conductivity. Range switch over and constant check can both be freely set and adjusted through the operation component on the rear panel; unique signal collecting and processing technology and special thick film circuit are adopted to make measurement accurate and operation stable; there are also other features such as linearized data, automatic temperature compensation, not subject to the length change of cable and maintenance-free. It's an ideal auxiliary instrument of various types of small pure water equipment.
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Product Details

water quality testTechnical Data:

Measurement range:

0~20  0~200  0~2000μS/cm


1.5% (FS)


±2 × 10-3 (FS) / 24h

Auxiliary electrode

Plastic structure;  constant: 1.0cm-1

Temperature compensation component


Medium temperature


Thread dimension

1/2"pipe thread

Medium pressure


Cable composition

Quad cable, copper mesh and foil shielded plastic jacket

Cable length

5m or on other agreement (5~30m)

Temperature compensation

Automatic compensation, with 25ºC as the reference temperature


3.5-bit LCD

Power supply

AC  220V ±10%  50Hz

Power consumption


Environment conditions

(1)   Temperature: 5~50ºC

(2)   Humidity: ≤85%RH


48X96X100mm (heightXwidthXdepth)

Slot dimensions for installation

45X91mm (heightXwidth)

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Conductivity:The conductivity of water is usually used to indicate the purity of water. If the conductivity is high, it means that the content of conductive minerals in water is very high, and the purity of water is very low. If the conductivity is very low, it indicates the minerals that can be ionized in water. Rarely, the purity of water is relatively high. For example, the conductivity of high-purity water is EC=0.1.0us/cm; the conductivity of ordinary drinking water is 1~10 us/c.

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