Online Industrial Residual Chlorine Sensor

Lohand Biological online residual chlorine electrode consists of cathode and anode,cathode is gold electrode,anode is silver/silver chloride electrode,cathode and anode are immersed in electrolyte chamber filled with electrolyte,through film and measurement environment isolation,film can prevent electrolyte leakage or contaminant infiltration,but hypochlorous acid can pass through the film,the measured hypochlorous acid concentration and the measured current proportional relationship,through pH compensation,to obtain the residual chlorine concentration.
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Online Industrial Residual Chlorine Sensor

online industrial residual chlorine sensor

online industrial residual chlorine sensor

online residual chlorine electrode consists of a cathode and an anode. The cathode is a gold electrode and the anode is a silver / silver chloride electrode. The cathode and anode are immersed in the electrolyte chamber filled with electrolyte, and are isolated from the measurement environment by a coating. The film can prevent electrolyte leakage or infiltration of pollutants, but hypochlorous acid can pass through the film. The measured hypochlorous acid concentration is proportional to the measured current. The residual chlorine concentration is obtained by pH compensation.

online industrial residual chlorine sensor


Measuring range


Lower limit


Ph range





0.05mg/L or 5% larger as the standard

Respinse time


Velocity of flow


online industrial residual chlorine sensor


online residual chlorine electrode used for continuous monitoring and control of residual chlorine content in water solution in drinking water treatment plant, drinking water distribution network, swimming pool, cooling circulating water and water quality treatment project.

online industrial residual chlorine sensor

Chlorine is a chemical element with the symbol Cl and atomic number 17. The second-lightest of the halogens, it appears between fluorine and bromine in the periodic table and its properties are mostly intermediate between them. Chlorine is a yellow-green gas at room temperature. It is an extremely reactive element and a strong oxidising agent: among the elements, it has the highest electron affinity and the third-highest electronegativity on the Pauling scale, behind only oxygen and fluorine.

Residual chlorine refers to the effective chlorine remaining in the water after being chlorinated and exposed to water for a certain period of time.

online industrial residual chlorine sensor


Since its establishment, Hangzhou Luheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been aiming to build the first brand in China's water quality testing field, and is eager to contribute to China's environmental protection cause. We pursue the most advanced technology, the best after-sales service, and the most equal cooperation and reciprocity policy. For cooperative merchants, we will establish a reasonable price sales system to ensure profit; responsible for all product after-sales work to save your precious time; through the technical innovation of excellence, to ensure that our product quality is long-term leading products in the market. We sincerely invite interested partners from all industries to join us and create a bright future together.

Online Industrial Residual Chlorine Sensor

Based on the information from WHO, the virus that causes COVID-19 survives 2 hours to 9 days in groundwater or contaminated drinking water. Wastewater treatment could be possible to cut the route of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, sewage contains residual chlorine from disinfection process should be monitored. A survey shows the virus has been inactivated and the safety of groundwater and drinking-water could be ensured when the range of residual chlorine from wastewater tested as 6.5-10mg/L.   

During the COVID-19 outbreak in China, as an expert in water testing area,Lohand supplies thousands of residual chlorine analyzers to the customers, especially for medical institutions.  

Online Industrial Residual Chlorine Sensor


1.How about Lohand delivery time?

Shipped in 3 days after payment.

2.How about the shipping?

For sample order,it would sent by express company like UPS,Fedex,TNT etc.We have strong cooperation with them and if you have express collected account, you will no need pay us.For bulk order,it would sent by sea.We have our cooperation forwarder and you also can use your OWN forwarder.

3.Do you provide customized gift box?

Yes, we can make the custom box with your design on it.

4.What is your MOQ?

1 piece.

5.Can you do private label ?

Yes, of course. OEM is absolutely supported; both on package or devices.

6.If we also want to buy a small amount (test order) of your products,could you provide that? For example 50 sets?And how about the labels, can you send us plant labels in smaller amount,to see if it will sell and test the product?

Yes,it could be fine for an initial trial order, but the goods shall have to be produced together with other customer’s orders by using our current package.And the price with small trial order will be higher.

7.What about the after sales service?

we can supply professional operation videos and engineer online training.

8.How can I choose the suitable one?

Dear customer, please tell us your detailed requirements by mail or online, we will recommend the suitable one as your request.

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