Online Residual Chlorine/pH Controller

Multi-parameter display at the same time: the value of residual chlorine,pH,temperature, output current, alarm points, etc. Intuitive and easy to read, and alarm for range over run.
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Online Residual Chlorine/pH Controller

Online Residual Chlorine/pH Controller

Online Residual Chlorine/pH Controller

Technical parameters:

Product Name:

Industry online residual chlorine/pH controller

Measure range & Accuracy

0-14 (pH)    ±0.02pH

Hypochloric acid:0-20ppm    ±0.01mg/L

Residual chlorine:0-10ppm    ±0.01mg/L


0.01pH, 0.01mg/L(residual chlorine),0.001mg/L(HOCL)

Input Resistance:

≥1x10 ¹²Ω

Temp Compensation:

Manual / Auto temperature compensation


RS485, standard Modbus

Signal output:

4-20mA output, Maximum loop 750Ω, 0.01%FS

Power supply:

220V AC 10%,50/60Hzz



Hole size




Online Residual Chlorine/pH Controller

PH: pH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity.

The hydrogen ion concentration index ((hydrogen ion concentration)) refers to the ratio of the total number of hydrogen ions to the amount of total substances in the solution. It is commonly referred to as "pH", not "PH". For the determination of hydrogen ion activity index, the qualitative method can be determined by using pH indicator and pH test paper, while the quantitative pH measurement needs to be measured by pH meter.

Residual chlorine refers to the effective chlorine remaining in the water after being chlorinated and exposed to water for a certain period of time.

Online Residual Chlorine/pH Controller

Founded in 2008, Hangzhou Lohand Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Is a company that designs, develops, produces and sells water quality rapid test strips, reagents and precision testing instruments. It is located in Jianggan Science and Technology Park and relies on Zhejiang University Food Science and Technology Park and the West lake Science and Technology Park, focusing on technological innovation, has obtained a number of patents and produces provide customers with professional, fast, affordable and simple testing products and services to create a new history of water quality monitoring.

In the course of ten years of development, we have been constantly working hard in this field, and constantly improving product functions, testing accuracy, dedicating to environmental water quality monitoring and rapid monitoring of product development. The products developed and produced mainly include COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total ammonia integrated machine, miniature COD reactor, water quality monitoring electrode, digital refractometer, etc. Most of the company’s products have obtained CE certification; widely used in domestic environmental protection bureaus, industrial enterprises, university research institutes, food manufacturing enterprises; especially electrochemical testing products have been sold at domestic and foreign.

We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to achieve win-win cooperation, common development and create brilliant!


Online Residual Chlorine/pH Controller

About us

01 Multi-parameter water quality analyzer series

03 Outdoor multiple in one meter

04 COD reactor

05 Multi-parameter portable water quality detector

06 Water sample heating thermostat

07 Fluorescent dissolved oxygen electrode

07 Pen type salinometer

08 Residual chlorine electrode

09 Portable water quality analyzer

11 DO dissolved oxygen meter

12 Digital refractometer

13 Rapid detection series

16 Color comparison tube series

Online Residual Chlorine/pH Controller


1. chemical engineering

2. water treatment plant

3. water quality monitoring station

4. metallurgy

5. forge

6. the textile and printing and dyeing industry

7. pharmaceutical industry

8. water works

9. agriculture

10. water treatment engineering

11. laboratory

Online Residual Chlorine/pH Controller

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