Pen Type Conductivity Analyzer

CD-989 conductivity equipment is a pen type digital conductivity Meter ec testing meter. Conductivity equipment is waterproof, light and handy, with low voltage warning, data-hold function, widely measurement range, long life of the battery, convenient to wash, measure rapidly and large backlit LCD screen.
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Pen Type Conductivity Analyzer

Pen Type Conductivity Analyzer

Pen Type Conductivity Analyzer

Feature of EC testing meter:

1.Small size,portable;


3.High accuracy,no need any other auxiliary instruments

Pen Type Conductivity Analyzer

Product name

conductivity equipment

Measuring range







1 point

Working condition

5-55°C (41-131°F)


4×1.5V lithium batteries






Pen Type Conductivity Analyzer

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Pen Type Conductivity Analyzer

What is TDS

Total dissolved solids (TDS), measured in milligrams per liter (mg/L), indicates how many milligrams of dissolved solids are dissolved in 1 liter of water. The higher the TDS value, the more lysate is contained in the water. Total dissolved solids refers to the total amount of all solutes in water, including both inorganic and organic. Generally, the conductivity value can be used to know the salt in the solution. In general, the higher the conductivity, the higher the salt, the higher the TDS. In the inorganic substance, in addition to the component dissolved in an ionic state, there may be a molecular inorganic substance. Since the organic matter contained in the natural water and the inorganic substance in the form of a molecule are generally not considered, the salt content is generally referred to as the total dissolved solid. However, TDS does not effectively reflect the water quality in a particular water. For example, electrolyzed water, due to the significant increase in charged ions such as [OH]- in the electrolyzed water, the corresponding conductivity is abnormally increased. For example, the TDS value of the alkaline water obtained by the original TDS in 17 pure water electrolyzed by an electrolysis machine is about 300.






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