Portable Digital PH Tester

pH-8414 portable ph tester is supplied with E201 pH composite electrode, 9V battery, buffers, protecive box and manual.
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Product Details

Portable Digital PH Tester

pHwater analyzer

Portable Digital PH Tester

General Description

The PH-8414 water PH meter has been specially designed for the maximum facility of use. The handy key board for the selection of the various functions.

The possibility of automatically correcting errors in measurement due to temperature .The display on the front panel reveals the temperature and PH or mV reading taken by the instrument. Moreover, PH-8414 water pH meter features a low battery indicator .

Portable Digital PH Tester

Technical Data:

Product name

Portable ph tester PH-8414

Measuring range

pH: 0.00~14.00

mV: -1999~+1999mV

℃: 0~100°C


pH: 0.01pH

mV: 1mV

℃: 1°C


pH: ±0.01pH

mV: ±1mV

℃: ±0.4°C

Input impedance

102 Ω


1 or 2point


9V battery

Working temperature


0~60°C, RH≤95%(Without magnetic interference around the meter)

Auto shut-off

Approx. 8 minutes





Portable Digital PH Tester Operation

PH MEASUREMENTS: ·Turns on the PH electrode and the temperature sensor .

Turn the meter ON by pressing the ON/OFF key.

·Remove the PH electrode protective cap, then submerge the PH electrode and the temperature probe into the sample to be tested.

·Stir gently and wait for the stability symbol. The display will show the PH value automatically compensated for temperature.

·After use, rinse the electrode with clean water, replace the electrode protective cap.

ORP MEASUREMENTS: Oxidation Reduction Potential(ORP) measurements provide a quantification of the oxidizing or reducing power of the sample tested.

·Connect the ORP electrode to the BNC connector.

·To enter the〝mV〞mode turn the instrument ON and press the mV key until the display changes to mV.

·Then submerge the ORP electrode into the sample to be tested and allow time for the reading to stabilize.


·Make sure the temperature probe is connected to the meter.

·Turn the instrument ON and press the ℃ key to select the temperature mode.

·Dip the temperature probe into the sample, allow the reading to stabilize and read the temperature value.

water pH tester

Portable Digital PH Tester
What is pH?

pH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity.The hydrogen ion concentration index ((hydrogen ion concentration)) refers to the ratio of the total number of hydrogen ions to the amount of total substances in the solution. It is commonly referred to as "pH", not "pH". For the determination of hydrogen ion activity index, the qualitative method can be determined by using pH indicator and pH test paper, while the quantitative pH measurement needs to be measured by pH meter.

Portable Digital PH Tester

About Us

Founded in 2008, Hangzhou Lohand Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Is a company that designs, develops, produces and sells water quality rapid test strips, reagents and precision testing instruments. It is located in Jianggan Science and Technology Park and relies on Zhejiang University Food Science and Technology Park and the West lake Science and Technology Park, focusing on technological innovation, has obtained a number of patents and produces provide customers with professional, fast, affordable and simple testing products and services to create a new history of water quality monitoring.

Portable Digital PH Tester


Q1: Why choose us?
A: 1. We have our own factory with strong R&D center and QA team which can make sure your goods can be sent out on time and in superior quality. 
2. We have experienced and dedicated core members to offer you professional and reliable before-sales and after-sales service.
3. We have purveyed customers with the lowest wholesale price.

Q2: How do you guarantee the quality?
A: One year's guarantee from date on B/L. Normally. If it's quality problem, we promise to return goods or funds.

Q3: Is OEM available?
A: Yes, all goods can be custom made by your requirements, including packing, LOGO print, etc.

Q4: Can we buy 1 pc for sample testing?
A: Yes, we are glad to send 1pc for quality testing if we have stock of the model you required.

Q5: How to deliver the goods for trial order or small order?
A : For small order, we prefer to choose international express, such as DHL, TNT, EMS which are faster and more convenient for customer. Also, we cooperate with an express agent that can give us a big discount for express fee which is much lower than that quoted by official. For the goods with detachable battery, the express fee can be lower down if the goods is sent out without battery.

Q6: What kind of payment your company accept?

Q7: If we have not found the model from website, what should we do?
A: Please email us with description and picture of the product, we research and develop new model every month, and some of them maybe have not been uploaded in website immediately. But If this is a new products for us, we can develop it for you after get all detailed information about your product.

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