Pen Type Ec Meter

Feature 1, Measures Total Dissolved Solids(TDS), Electrical Conductivity(EC),and Temperature simultaneouly. 2. Simple operation and easy to carry; 3. Display the status of drinking water ; 4. Low power consumption design, battery life is about 1500 times; 5. High accuracy and automatic temperature compensation;
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Product Details

pen type ec meter

pen type ec meter

Technical Paremeter

Test Item

Measuring Range



Other Technical





Working voltage:1X3V

Working condition:0-50℃









pen type ec meter

Using Steps

Remove the protective cap.
2.Press the ON/OFF button once out of the water. The tester will read "000" .
3. Immerse the tester into the water no more than 2 inches.
4.Wait for the display to stabilize. The tester automatically compensates for temperatures variations. Once the readout stabilizes (10-30seconds), press the HOLD button to view out of the water. 
5.The meter default mode is the TDS measurement.Press the MODE button to cycle to EC measurement(us/cm),press again to cycle to ºC measurement,press once again to cycle to ºF measurement.
6.Press the ON/OFF button again to turn off the tester. The tester will shut off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use.
7.After usage, shake off the water from your tester or wipe it with a tissue.
8.Do not touch the metal probes.Clean the probes with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.

pen type ec meter

Drinking water

Purpose of measurement

Nothing is more important than your health and that of your family and visitors. If you use your own water source for drinking, you need to have it tested every so often. You don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting sick by drinking your water.

pen type ec meter

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