TDS Checking Meter

TDS checking meter TDS-02 with 0-9990 ppm feature:pen type ,high accuracy,automatic shut off,data hold function.
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1.remove the protective cap. the ON/OFF button once out of the water. The tester will read “000”
3. Immerse the tester into the water no more than 2 inches.
4.wait for the display to stabilize. The tester automatically compensates for temperatures variations. Once the readout stabilizes(10-30seconds), press the HOLD button to view out of the water.
5.The tds checking meter default mode is the TDS measurement. the ON/OFF button again to turn off the tester. The tester will shut off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use.
7.after usage, shake off the water from your tester or wipe it with a tissue.

8.Do not touch the metal probes.Clean the probes with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.


If the tester displays a flashing”X10”icon, multiply the reading by 10.

Important: do not drop the entire tester in the water or dip beyond the maximum 2” level.
This product is not waterproof. Do not use it in hot water.

Changing the batteries:

when the checking meter cannot be switched on or the display fades,pull out the battery compartment and replace all two 1.5V batteries,

while paying attention their their polarity.

batteries should only be replaced in a safe area using the battery type specified in this instruction manual.


Your meter has been factory calibrated to 324 ppm,which is suitable for most applications.

Re-calibration may be necessary from time-to time, depending on usage.

Product Specification:

Model No.

Test item

Measuring range


Other Technical data


tds checking meter





Working voltage:2x1.5V(AG-13 type   button cell battery)
Battery life:around 1000hours
Working condition:0-50ºC
Calibration:by factory

Pen type
High accuracy
Automatic shutoff
Data hold function

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1.What about the after-sale service?

Guarantee period is 12 months,after the warranty,we aslo provide life-long paid repair or service.

2.What else products you supplying?

Water quality test meters ,such as Colorimeter,PH meter, COD analyzer, Turbidity meter,DO meter ,TDS meter ,conductivity meter ,ORP meter,refractometer Lab consumables and so on.

3.Is OEM available?

Yes, all goods can be custom made by your requirements, including packing, LOGO print, etc.

4.How long is the delivery time?

7-15 working days after we received your payment or order confirmed.

5.Can The Price Be Cheaper?

The price depends on your demand (shape, size, quantity). Usually, you can get better price provided large orders.

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