TDS Meter Tester

TDS Meter Tester

TDS meter water quality TDS-039 is a easy tool for testing the level of water quality, popular in water deal industry, household, travlling, and etc.Test item:TDS,EC,Temp.
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Product Details

TDS Meter Tester


TDS meter tester



Water quality analyzer

tds meter water quality

Measuring range

TDS:0-9990ppm (mg/L)

EC:0-9990  us / cm

Temp: 0-99 or 32-212


TDS: ±2%(F.S)

EC: ±2%(F.S)

Temp: ± 1 ℃

Auto Shut off

10 minutes





Operating Temperature


Power supply

2*1.5V ( CR1620)


1 TDS meter

2 batteries (included)

1 manual


TDS Meter Tester 

What IS TDS?

Total dissolved solids refers to the total concentration of substances, including inorganic salts and organic matter, dissolved in a given volume of water, which is expressed in units of mg per litre or parts per million. Common inorganic salts that are found in water are calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, which are all cations, and carbonates, nitrates, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulphates, which are all anions. Cations are positively charged ions, whereas anions are negatively charged ions.

These minerals originate from various sources, both natural and a result of human activity. The concentration and composition of TDS in natural waters is determined by the geology of the drainage basin, atmospheric precipitation and the water balance. Alterations in the concentration of total dissolved solids in natural waters is often the result of industrial effluent, changes to the water balance (i.e. increased water use or increased precipitation) or by saltwater intrusion.

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1.How about your service?

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