Chlorine Tester For Pool Water

Chlorine Tester For Pool Water

Portable residual chlorine analyzer colorimeter LH-C10 is mainly use for rapid test to get the chlorine ion concentration in the water, using international standard method. It is eco-friendly, the test is fast and the result is accurate.
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Chlorine Tester For Pool Water Introduction:

Regardless of how frequently or what system you use to add chlorine to the water, the chlorine level should stay between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million (ppm) to maintain a healthy pool. Any higher and you start to run the risk of red eyes and swimmers itch.

Chlorine Tester For Pool Water Parameter:

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Portable pocket residual chlorine colorimeter

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Residual chlorine

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Light source






Test method

DPD method

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Chlorine Tester For Pool Water


1.How do you test for chlorine in water?

Collect tap water which will serve as the sample, add the number of drops indicated in the instruction, and finally compare the resulting color to the table or chart located on the label. The solution's chemical composition reacts with chlorine, thus, changing the color of the water.

2.How much chlorine should be in a pool?

Before adding chlorine to the pool, test the current chlorine level with a pool chlorine test strip. Generally, you should maintain the pool's chlorine level between 1 and 3 ppm. Thus, if the chlorine level is already 1 ppm and you want it higher, add 0.00013ounces per gallon to raise the chlorine by 1 ppm.

3.How do you put chlorine in a pool?

Chlorine Tester For Pool Water

Mixing Chlorine Granules With Water

  1. 1).Put on goggles and gloves.

  2. 2).Fill the bucket half full of warm water. You can use the pool water. ...

  3. 3).Stir the granular chlorine and water. Use a wooden stick. ...

  4. 4).Turn on the pump. ...

  5. 5).Replace the cover. ...

  6. 6).Turn on the pump. ...

  7. 7).Put on goggles and gloves. ...

  8. 8).Take off the skimmer cover.

4.What is the highest chlorine level that it is safe to swim in?

People swimming in a pool with a chlorine level above 5 ppm will probably notice their skin, hair and eyes getting irritated or burning, and if the level is over 10 ppm, then no one should be in the pool because it is unsafe.

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