Multiparameter Portable Colorimeter

Multiparameter Portable colorimeter LH-NP2 has excellent optical system design, with advanced microprocessor chip, humanized operation interface, simple and convenient,adopting specialized optical colorimetric cuvette, high accurate,high accurate silicon photocell sensor and light source.
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Multiparameter Portable colorimeter for single wavelength colorimetric determination. Multiparameter Portable colorimeter can be used for determination of the concentration of ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus in water samples, the concentration of ammonia nitrogen concentration varies from 0 to 5.00mg/L, the concentration of total phosphorus changes in the range of 0 ~ 1.5mg/L. Mg/L to directly display the concentration of ammonia nitrogen. Multiparameter Portable colorimeter uses a 9V battery power supply, the instrument set up a power saving state, so the battery can be used more than 40 hours. Upon completion of the measurement process, press the "on / off" button to cut off the power supply. Multiparameter Portable colorimeter  is equipped with two special cuvette, the standard Determination of ammonia nitrogen activator 2 bottles, 1 bottles of phosphorus activator, TP reagent bag, a 9V battery, a manual for the use of the instrument, a piece of cloth, a sampling bottle, Straw, were placed in a plastic box.

Multiparameter Portable Colorimeter


Product name

Multiparameter Portable colorimeter

Test item

Ammonia nitrogen;total phosphorus

Measuring range

0.00~5.00mg/l(Ammonia nitrogen)

0.00~2.00mg/l(total phosphorus)

Light source



470~475nm(Ammonia nitrogen)

620~625nm(total phosphorus)



Test method

Ammonia nitrogen:Nessler’s reagent colorimetry.Solution with reagent and ammonia nitrogen turns yellow.

Working condition






Multiparameter Portable Colorimeter


1. Excellent optical system design, with advanced microprocessor chip

2. Humanized operation interface, simple and convenient

3. Adopting specialized optical colorimetric cuvette, high accurate

4. High accurate silicon photocell sensor and light source


Security warning

Please read the manual carefully before using the instrument. Special attention should be paid to all risks and warnings. If you are not required to operate, may cause the operator to hurt or damage to the instrument. As a good laboratory practice, please specify the reagents used in the testing process, read the product label and material safety data sheet before use. In contact with chemicals before wearing protective glasses is a good operating specifications, please follow the instructions carefully. If you come into contact with chemicals, rinse thoroughly with water. If you have questions about the reagent or operation, please contact us. 

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1. What else products you supplying?

Water quality test meters ,such as Colorimeter,PH meter, COD analyzer, Turbidity meter,DO meter ,TDS meter ,conductivity meter ,ORP meter,refractometer Lab consumables and so on.

2. How to solve the disputes between Lohand and customers during the after-sales maintenance?

We will be customer-oriented,and make concessions in some principles , we will properly handle the disputes to maximize customer's satisfaction.

3. What about the after-sale service?

 Guarantee period is 12 months,after the warranty,we aslo provide life-long paid repair or service.

4. What about the delivery date?

Usually we offer two weeks after order confirmed and payment received,and we can also accept urgent order for prompt shipment.

5. Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

We can offer the sample, it is extra


 Multiparameter Portable Colorimeter



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