Portable Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer

Portable Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer

The portable laboratory ammonia nitrogen colorimeter LH-N12 is mainly used in the rapid detection of the ion concentration of ammonia nitrogen in water, which is detected by salicylic acid method and the results are consistent with the international. The portable laboratory ammonia nitrogen colorimeter is tested accurately and quickly.
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Product name:The portable laboratory  colorimeter

Test item: ammonia nitrogen


Light souce: Silicon diode



Method:Salicylic Acid Photometric method

Operating conditions:0 to 40℃,0 to 90% relative humidity (noncondensing)

Life of battery:1×9V,more than 40h

shutdown:Press the “ON/OFF” button to shutdown the colorimeter after the test.


Weight:220g(including battery)

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1.Is water with low ph bad for you?

It is classified as a secondary drinking water contaminant whose impact is considered aesthetic. However, the EPA recommends that public water systems maintain pHlevels of between 6.5 and 8.5, a good guide for individual well owners. Water with alow pH can be acidic, naturally soft and corrosive.

2.What is ammonia nitrogen in water?

Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH3-N), is a measure for the amount of ammonia, a toxic pollutant often found in landfill leachate and in waste products, such as sewage, liquid manure and other liquid organic waste products.

3.What is the importance of ammonia in water?

Ammonia is the preferred nitrogen-containing nutrient for plant growth. Ammoniacan be converted to nitrite (NO2 ) and nitrate (NO3) by bacteria, and then used by plants. Nitrate and ammonia are the most common forms of nitrogen in aquatic systems. Nitrate predominates in unpolluted waters.

4.Why Ammonia is a base?

Ammonia is a typical weak base. Ammonia itself obviously doesn't contain hydroxide ions, but it reacts with water to produce ammonium ions and hydroxide ions. However, the reaction is reversible, and at any one time about 99% of the ammonia is still present as ammonia molecules.

5.Can you boil ammonia out of water?

Chloramine is less reactive than chlorine, including less reactive to air. ... “If desired, chloramine and ammonia can be completely removed from the water by boiling; however, it will take 20 minutes of gentle boil to do that. Just a short boil of water(to prepare coffee, soup or tea) removed about 30% of chloramine.

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