Spa And Pool Water Testing

Spa And Pool Water Testing

Portable handheld colorimeter LH-C01 can test residual chlorine ion concentration in the water.It can detect and analyse the sample very fast by only three steps:start,zeroing and reading with small capacity(only 220 with battery).
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Spa And Pool Water Testing Introduction:

Product name:Portable handheld colorimeter


Test item:residual chlorine


Light souce: Silicon diode



Method:DPD method,residual chlorine react with the DPD reagent,the color of the sample change to be red.

Operating conditions:0 to 40℃,0 to 90% relative humidity (noncondensing)

Life of battery:1×9V,more than 40h

shutdown:Press the “ON/OFF” button to shutdown the colorimeter after the test.


Weight:220g(including battery)

The Total Residual Chlorine measurement in your effluent hasn’t changed, but disinfection rates have dropped sending E. coli results over the permit limits. If the chlorine residual in the effluent produced good disinfection results one day, why not the next?


Spa And Pool Water Testing 

Determining the cause of this type of problem will require an understanding of what chlorine residual really is and what it is not. When we measure for Total Residual Chlorine (TRC) in wastewater we are not determining actual chlorine atom concentration in the way we would determine, for instance, copper concentration. The measure we make is more of a reactive form of chlorine concentration than anything specific.



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Spa And Pool Water Testing FAQ:

1.What should I do if I do not know how to use?

Dear customer, please do not worry, manual user will be sent together, you can also contact us with more technological support.

2.How long can we receive the response after sending inquiry?

We are online anytime, you can contact us to know within 24 hours.

3.What payment methods do you accept?

Payment terms: T/T

Payment methods: paypal, moneygram, western union, bank transfer

4.Could you offer intallation or tranning oversea?

Yes, we offer the service for complex machine in charge.

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