Portable Digital Turbidity Meter

Features The light source advantage:It adopts near-infrared LED light source with little chroma interference, which conforms to IS07027 standard. Professional testing:Imported polymer turbidity calibration solution, non-toxic and safe. Built-in lens, filter, high-precision optical path structure, accurate and stable measurement results. Waterproof seal:The waterproof design of the USB interface and IP65 protection level are suitable for field applications. Multi-power mode:Supports power management, USB data cable can be charged and used for lithium battery charging. HD LCD screen:OLED full color display with clear data display and high contrast. Beautiful and durable appearance:5 touch buttons, acrylic protection panel, long service life.
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portable digital turbidity meter

portable digital turbidity meter

portable digital turbidity meter


The portable turbidity meter combines the scattered light method and the transmitted light method, and uses a near-infrared light source to eliminate chromaticity interference. Two detectors, 90°and 180°, are set in the instrument.The 180°detector receives the transmitted light and the 90°detector receives the scattered light. Measure the ratio of the intensity of scattered light and transmitted light, and calculate the concentration of suspended solids and turbidity in the sample.

portable digital turbidity meter

Technical parameters

Model No









Indication error





4-point calibration (standard with calibration solution)

7-point calibration (optional calibration solution)



Zero drift


Working temperature

5 - 40℃

Storage temperature

-10 - 55℃




lithium battery(Optional dry battery)



portable digital turbidity meter

Turbidity, the turbidity degree of water, is caused by the presence of trace insoluble suspended substances, colloidal substances in water. The measurement unit used in ISO standard is FTU (turbidity unit), which is consistent with NTU (turbidity measurement unit).

portable digital turbidity meter


Since its establishment, Hangzhou Luheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been aiming to build the first brand in China's water quality testing field, and is eager to contribute to China's environmental protection cause. We pursue the most advanced technology, the best after-sales service, and the most equal cooperation and reciprocity policy. For cooperative merchants, we will establish a reasonable price sales system to ensure profit; responsible for all product after-sales work to save your precious time; through the technical innovation of excellence, to ensure that our product quality is long-term leading products in the market. We sincerely invite interested partners from all industries to join us and create a bright future together.

portable digital turbidity meter


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