New Do Meter

Feature Wide-screen LCD display, with operation prompt function, easy to use. Using 32-bit microprocessor technology, it can measure dissolved oxygen concentration, saturation, electrode current and temperature, with automatic temperature compensation function. Adopt lithium battery power supply, with power management function of charging and power-off protection. Low power consumption design, automatically turn on and off the backlight by external light. The detection accuracy is high, and the instrument has built-in manual atmospheric pressure compensation and salinity compensation. Protection grade is IP65, waterproof and dustproof.
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Product Details

New do meter

New do meter

New do meter

Technological Parameter

Measuring Range

Dissolved Oxygen Concentration


Dissolved Oxygen Saturation





Dissolved Oxygen Concentration


Dissolved Oxygen Saturation





Dissolved Oxygen Concentration


Dissolved Oxygen Saturation




Atmospheric Pressure Compensation

Manual compensation(60-110)KPa

Temperature Compensation

Automatic compensation(0-40℃;32-104℉)

Salinity Compensation

Manual compensation(0-50)g\L

Standard Electrode

SD02(3 M)

Response Time


Power Supply

lithium battery

Environmental Protection Level





270g(without sensor)

New do meter

1. Testing standards and methods

Dissolved oxygen, the common detection methods of dissolved oxygen are, electrochemical method, fluorescence method and chemical reagent method (iodometric method).

The electrochemical method, that is, polarographic dissolved oxygen or membrane dissolved oxygen (HJ / 506-2009), is often used to detect natural water, surface water, and some sewage industries. Features, easy operation, easy to carry, low cost of use, and can realize online real-time detection function.

Fluorescence method, a method for measuring dissolved oxygen based on the principle of fluorescence quenching, is widely used. Features, easy operation, easy to carry, but high cost.

The iodometric method, which uses redox reactions to detect dissolved oxygen in water, is the standard method for measuring dissolved oxygen in water. The characteristic is that the cost is low, but the operation is complicated and the requirements are high. The online real-time detection function cannot be realized.

New do meter

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New do meter

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