Portable Digital PH Test Meter

2020 new design water quality high-precision portable ph test meter with ph sensor.
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Portable Digital pH test meter

Portable Digital pH test meter

Portable Digital pH test meter


1.Wide screen LCD display, with operation prompt function, easy to use.

2.Using 32-bit microprocessor technology, with automatic temperature compensation.

3.It adopts lithium battery power supply and has the power management function of charging and power failure protection.

4.Low power consumption design, the backlight is turned on and off automatically by external light.

5.The protection grade is IP65, waterproof and dustproof.

6.Three kinds of pH buffer reagents can be selected for one-point or two-point calibration of the instrument.

Portable Digital pH test meter

Technological Parameter

Measuring range






(0.0-80.0) ℃ (32-176)℉



0.01 pH


0.1 mV


0.1 ℃(0.1℉)








pH temperature automatic compensation range


Protection grade


Power supply

Polymer lithium battery


165 x75x51mm


270g(without electrodes)

Portable Digital pH test meter

Portable Digital pH test meter


1. During the intermittent period of electrode use, please clean the electrode test end with pure water.

2. If the electrode is not to be used for a period of time, it should be rinsed clean, dried up the remaining pure water, and stored in the soaking solution.

3. After long-term use of the electrode, the slope and response speed of the electrode may decrease. The measuring end of the electrode can be immersed in 4% HF solution for 3-5 seconds or in dilute HCl solution for 1-2 minutes. After washing with pure water, soak in potassium chloride (3mol/L) solution for more than 24 hours to renew.

4. The electrode bulb should not be in contact with grease, especially organic silicon substances.

5. Before and after the measurement, the electrode should be cleaned with pure water to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. After the measurement in the viscous sample, the electrode needs to be cleaned with hot pure water repeatedly to remove the stick to the electrode bulb. Sample.

6. When not in use, keep the data interface and electrode interface clean, and cover the corresponding dust cap.

7. Please combine the matched pH electrode and ORP electrode in the operation and maintenance specifications.


Portable Digital pH test meter


1.What services can we get from your company?

Superior products(peculiar design,strict quality control); Factory direct sale(favorable and competitive price); Excellent services(delivery goods on time;one year warranty;post and after services); Professional business consultation.

2.Can I add my logo on your product?

Yes, you need to send us your artwork in high resolution, we will design a visual for your confirm.

3.How long is your delivery time?

Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

4.What is the shipping port?

FOB to Ningbo or Shanghai Port,China(also can ship according to customers’ request.

5.What if there are problems for the produts?

Usually we check again before shipment, if there are broken items, we will replace for you soon.

Portable Digital pH test meter

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Portable Digital pH test meter

Portable Digital pH test meter


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