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Water pH meter pH-8414 features:high accuracy,quick response;detachable electrode,easy for replacement;suitbale for high accuracy outdoor test.
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Water pH Meter PH-8414 PORTABLE WATER PH/mV/℃ Meter



General Description

The PH-8414 water PH meter has been specially designed for the maximum facility of use. The handy key board for the selection of the various functions.

The possibility of automatically correcting errors in measurement due to temperature .The display on the front panel reveals the temperature and PH or mV reading taken by the instrument. Moreover, PH-8414 water pH meter features a low battery indicator .

Water pH Meter Operation

PH MEASUREMENTS: ·Turns on the PH electrode and the temperature sensor .

Turn the meter ON by pressing the ON/OFF key.

·Remove the PH electrode protective cap, then submerge the PH electrode and the temperature probe into the sample to be tested.

·Stir gently and wait for the stability symbol. The display will show the PH value automatically compensated for temperature.

·After use, rinse the electrode with clean water, replace the electrode protective cap.

ORP MEASUREMENTS: Oxidation Reduction Potential(ORP) measurements provide a quantification of the oxidizing or reducing power of the sample tested.

·Connect the ORP electrode to the BNC connector.

·To enter the〝mV〞mode turn the instrument ON and press the mV key until the display changes to mV.

·Then submerge the ORP electrode into the sample to be tested and allow time for the reading to stabilize.


·Make sure the temperature probe is connected to the meter.

·Turn the instrument ON and press the ℃ key to select the temperature mode.

·Dip the temperature probe into the sample, allow the reading to stabilize and read the temperature value.

Water pH Meter Maintain electrode and instrument

1.Keep the electrode pin dry and clean.

2.Wash the electrode every time before you use. Then put it in 3mol/L KCL solution.

3.The electrode which is use to measure solution should not be dipped in distilled water , protein solution or other solution for long time.

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Water pH Meter


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