Test Tube Heater Reactor

The XC-200 thermo-reactor is constructed of durable materials with a vial capacity to perform up to 4 digestions simultaneously.
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Test Tube Heater Reactor

Test Tube Heater Reactor 

1.Brief introduction

Laboratory portable COD REACTOR and test tube heater XC-200 with USB connector

Safety Equipment Use protective clothing when operating the reactor, including goggles or face mask, and gloves. Reagent Spills Clean up spilled reagents immediately. If reagent contacts skin, rinse the affected area thoroughly with water.

The instrument is strictly produced in accordance with ISO9001 2015 quality management system.And has been passed the strict test before leaving the factory.

Test Tube Heater Reactor

2.Technical parameter

Item No.


Temperature Range



±3°C (@ 25°C)


4 vials

Warm-up Time

10-15 minutes, depending on selected temperature

Heating period


Power Supply:

DC 12V/10A



Test Tube Heater Reactor

3.Product details

Test Tube Heater Reactor

Test Tube Heater Reactor


1. Start up

Prepare the reactor as follows:
•Place the reactor on a flat table. Do not place the instrument under direct sun light.
•Connect the reactor to a power outlet with ground. Verify the correct voltage and frequency are used.
•”USB” connector is for 12V Vehicle Power Adaptors.
See the label on the instrument.

• Turn the reactor ON using the power switch located on the rear panel. Wait until unit displays the heater block temperature.

2. Heating temperature setting

Press “Mode” to choose “Temp setting”, then press UP or DOWN arrow to choose the temperature you need.

3. Heating period setting

Press “Mode” to choose “Time setting”, then press UP or DOWN arrow to choose the heating period you need.

4.Start heating

Press "Start" button to trigger heating process.The reactor will beep once the setting temperature is reached.Then,put the test tube into heater block hole,the timer will start to count down the setting period.The"balance time" shows on the screen.After the "Balance time" become "0".A beep will be heard and the heating element will turn off. It means the heating process is finished.

Test Tube Heater Reactor


Please make sure the joint with “→”faces up,details refer to the picture .

Test Tube Heater Reactor


Widely used in the fields of electroplating,sewage plant,coal carbonization,paper making,petrochemical,pelage,process hides,pharmacy,food processing,etc.

Test Tube Heater Reactor

6.Production workflow chart

Test Tube Heater Reactor

Production workflow chart


Test Tube Heater Reactor

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