Industrial Turbidity Meter

WGZ series of scattered light turbidity meter is used for measuring suspended in water or in transparent liquids insoluble particulate matter produced by scattering, and quantitative standard to the suspended particle matter content. Can be widely used in power plant, the pure water plant, water plant sewage treatment factory, beverage factory, environmental protection departments, industrial water, wine making industry and the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, epidemic prevention departments and other departments of the determination of turbidity.
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Product Details

bench top meterTechnical Data:

Product name

turbidity measurement device 



Minimum Readout ( NTU)


Measuring Range(NTU)


Basic Error(F.S)




Zero Draft(F.S)


Power Supply



Bench top  type 


Matters needing attention:

WGZ series of scattered light turbidity meter is a combination of precision measuring instruments, before the operation should carefully read the instructions and through the correct operation can obtain accurate measurement results.

1, the use of the environment must accord with the working conditions.

2, measuring tank must be long time clean and dry, without dust, not to be covered with a shading cover.

3, humid climate, must be extended accordingly boot time.

4, the solution to be measured along the sample bottle should be carefully pour, prevent the generation of bubbles, influence the measurement accuracy.

5, replacing the specimen bottle or repair shall be calibrated again.

6, a professional repair engineer, do not open the instrument repair.


Working conditions:

1, temperature 5~ 35 ℃;

2, relative humidity of not more than 80%;

3, the power supply voltage 220V ±22V 50± 0.5Hz frequency, and has the good grounding.

4, the instrument should be placed horizontally in a smooth test bench, effectively avoid direct light;

In 5, around the tool should have sufficient space to facilitate heat dissipation, and no strong vibration source and strong magnetic field interference;

Around 6, the air should be no dust and corrosive gas.

bench top meter


Failure phenomenon

Possible causes

Repair method

1,after starting up, display

A、power line and socket connection is bad or loose

A、fastening socket or for power line


2,measuring reaction

A, light damage

B, internal connector loose

C, electrical system fault

A, replacement

B, fastening

C, maintenance




3,measurement instability or drift

A, solution with bubbles or particles in does not stop moving

B, circuitry within the apparatus of damp

C, the outer surface of the bottle water sample

D, external interference

E, the supply voltage instability of

A, re-sampling or extended reading time

B, prolonging start preheat time preheating dehumidification

C, dry specimen bottle

D, eliminating the interference source

E, exclusion of unstable factors, less than zero

A, adjustable zero without the use of zero turbidity water

B, zero potentiometer damage

C, zero range migration

D, light path offset

A, should adopt zero turbidity water

B, replacement potentiometer

C, W2 potentiometer adjustment board

D, adjustment


5,not to the correction value

A, standard solution standard value is not accurate

B, correction potentiometer is damaged

C, range migration correction

D, light path offset


A, accurate preparation of standard solution

B, replacement

C, W1 potentiometer adjustment board

D, adjustment


6.short stroke

A, due to the transport screen vibration caused by poor contact

B, LCD LCD screen damage

C, circuit board fault

A, check

B, replacement

C, maintenance

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