Portable Turbidity Meters For Water Analysis

Portable Turbidity Meters For Water Analysis

Portable turbidity meter WGZ series of astigmatism degree is scattering turbidity meter used for measuring suspended in water or in transparent liquids insoluble particles generated by the light, and can content quantitative table card the suspended particulate matter.
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Portable Turbidity Meters for Water Analysis 

Portable Turbidity Meters for Water Analysis can be widely used in water plants, sewage treatment plants, beverage plants, environmental protection departments, industrial water, wine making industry and the pharmaceutical industry, epidemic prevention departments, hospitals and other departments of the determination of turbidity.


Technical Data:

Product name

Portable Turbidity Meters for Water Analysis



Minimum Readout ( NTU)


Measuring Range(NTU)


Basic Error(F.S)




Zero Draft(F.S)


Power Supply

DC 1.5VX5 AA battery; AC220V/50Hz

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1.How about the sample of Lohand product?

We could send you the samples but the freight and the sample are charged.

2.What service we can get if we cooperate with you?

We will provide you free box design and professional photos to launch the market; also will recommend new products to you every month; support you new products launch and samples for future new products.

3.What certifications do you have ?

All electronic products are with CE & RoHS certificates.

4.Can you do OEM service ?

We can provide the specific products needed around the world at significantly lower costs.

Lohand also offers a Private Labeling Program to provide high quality lab supplies at lower prices.

If you need further information regarding our OEM or Private Label programs, please contact us freely.

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