Turbidity Measurement Device

Turbidity measurement device WGZ-20 Series dispersive optical turbidity gauges are used to measure the degree of light scattering from insoluble particulate matter suspended in water or transparent liquids, and to characterize the problem of suspended grain content in these substances.
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Product Details

Turbidity Measurement Device Introduction:


Turbidity Measurement Device Technical Data:

Product name

turbidity measurement device



Minimum Readout ( NTU)


Measuring Range(NTU)


Basic Error(F.S)




Zero Draft(F.S)


Power Supply



Bench top type


Turbidity Measurement Device Overhaul:

Failure phenomenon

Possible causes

Repair method

1,after starting up, display

A、power line and socket connection is bad or loose

A、fastening socket or for power line

2,measuring reaction

A, light damage

B, internal connector loose

C, electrical system fault

A, replacement

B, fastening

C, maintenance

3,measurement instability or drift

A, solution with bubbles or particles in does not stop moving

B, circuitry within the apparatus of damp

C, the outer surface of the bottle water sample

D, external interference

E, the supply voltage instability of

A, re-sampling or extended reading time

B, prolonging start preheat time preheating   dehumidification

C, dry specimen bottle

D, eliminating the interference source

E, exclusion of unstable factors

4.zero, less  than zero

A, adjustable zero without the use of zero turbidity water

B, zero potentiometer damage

C, zero range migration

D, light path offset

A, should adopt zero turbidity water

B, replacement potentiometer

C, W2 potentiometer adjustment board

D, adjustment

5,not to the correction value

A, standard solution standard value is not accurate

B, correction potentiometer is damaged

C, range migration correction

D, light path offset

A, accurate preparation of standard solution

B, replacement

C, W1 potentiometer adjustment board

D, adjustment

6.short stroke

A, due to the transport screen vibration caused by   poor contact

B, LCD LCD screen damage

C, circuit board fault

A, check

B, replacement

C, maintenance

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Turbidity Measurement MARKETING INVESTMENT

Since its establishment, Hangzhou Luheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been aiming to build the first brand in China's water quality testing field, and is eager to contribute to China's environmental protection cause. We pursue the most advanced technology, the best after-sales service, and the most equal cooperation and reciprocity policy. For cooperative merchants, we will establish a reasonable price sales system to ensure profit; responsible for all product after-sales work to save your precious time; through the technical innovation of excellence, to ensure that our product quality is long-term leading products in the market. We sincerely invite interested partners from all industries to join us and create a bright future together.

Turbidity Measurement  


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Turbidity Measurement

Basic concepts in filtering

1. Micron: μm.Micro, 1μm = 0.001mm. Hair diameter: 75 μm, the smallest dark spot visible to the naked eye: 40 μm. 2, turbidity: FTU, NTU, using the turbidimeter to measure the optical properties of water, indirectly reflecting the content of suspended matter in water. 3. Suspended matter: Particles above 0.1 μm in water cause turbidity. 4. Colloid: 0.001-0.1μm particles. Organic and mineral colloids in natural water. 5. Dissolved substances: particles, ions and dissolved gases smaller than 0.001 μm in water. 6. Filtering ratio: βx, which indicates the filtering ability of the filter. The ratio of particles larger than a given size (xμm) upstream of the filter to particles larger than the same size downstream. β100.7, water filtration method: coarse filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration.

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