Water Detection Meter

Product Introduction In order to integrate resources, make it easy to carry and travel, and to sample, digest, and test the water quality in various outdoor environments, we have developed an "Water Quality Test in one Analyzer". This kind of instrument can make customers conveniently carry outdoors, and can quickly and accurately determine water quality, which has practical value. This instrument can be used for digestion and detection of water quality outdoors and for digestion and detection of water quality indoors.
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Product Details

water detection meter

water detection meter 

Technical Parameter

Measuring Item


Ammonia nitrogen

Total phosphorus

Total nitrogen

Measuring Meth

Dichromate test paper rapid digestion spectrophotometry

Nano-type test paper rapid digestion spectrophotometry

Rapid digestion spectrophotometry of ammonium molybdate

Potassium persulfate rapid digestion spectrophotometry

Measuring Range





Measuring Wavelength














Digestion temperature and time










DC 12V/12A (Outdoor),DC 220V 50Hz(Inside)





water detection meter


Indicators comprehensive
COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and other parameters can be measured, the concentration of direct reading.

High storage capacity 
Can store 10,000 sets of data.

The data transfer
The stored data can be transmitted to the computer via USB.

 Low use cost
Low reagent dosage, low price.

HD screen
High definition color 4.3-inch LCD screen.

The operation of intelligent
Intelligent operating procedures, guide users to complete the test easily.

Safe and reliable
With high temperature alarm function, fully transparent and integrated heat resistant protective cover, intuitive and safe.

Rechargeable model
Complete accessories, convenient for the user outdoor testing.

water detection meter

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Since our founding in 2008, we've led the industry in developing innovative solutions to help you manage your water more efficiently and accurately.Water quality is something we take very seriously at Lohand. We know that your water analysis has to be right, which is why we’re dedicated to providing you with the complete solutions you need to feel confident in your analysis.Our experts understand your applications and we’re committed to helping you discover optimal solutions for your specific needs.Lohand is confident to provide you with the breakthrough products and expert guidance you’ve come to expect.Valuing ease-of-use, accuracy, and reliability, we craft our portfolio of solutions around the unique regulatory and operational challenges your facility faces—placing engineers and plant managers Lohand has expertise and solutions to help you. This includes lab instrumentation, in-line process solutions, and Real-Time Control Systems, as well as a corps of service and training professionals to keep you up and running at maximum efficiency.By developing reliable, easy-to-use solutions, as well as providing you with access to knowledgeable expertise and support, Lohand is helping ensure water quality all across the globe.Across a wide array of industrial facilities. From municipal waste water and drinking water plants to industries such as food and beverage, power generation, chemical manufacturing, and dozens more.Today, more than ever, we are acting upon our mission of ensuring water quality for people around the world. Our customers across the globe can be confident that their unique requirements are understood and supported by people who are within easy reach.Lohand is confident to provide you with the breakthrough products and expert guidance you’ve come to expect.

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